Controlled Chaos?
August 1, 2011, 6:51 am
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Chaos in it’s very definition seems to defy any control or organization. According to Webster, chaos is “complete confusion”. Yet it is how I live. My husband and I were challenged by a good friend once with the statement ” You two seem to thrive on chaos, if you are not in chaos you create it. I don’t think the Johnson’s know how NOT to live in chaos” Ouch, tell it like it is Todd, don’t hold back, how do you really feel?

Scott and I have had many conversations thru the years about this statement. We have recognized the truth in his brutal honesty. We have learned that we do indeed like challenges, to live on the edge and to often create a chaotic atmosphere. Stress becomes the friend and our egos are stroked because we “handle” so much.

My life lesson has been to control the chaos. To organize within the chaos. Kari’s Kahos is my way of raising children to be grounded yet free to fly. They have learned to do without, to share, to find boundaries within the chaos and thrive. I have learned to say no, that is not a “needed” chaos and yes bring it on we can handle that. Then I totally screw up, get in over my head, drowning in commitments and being pulled apart in ten different directions because I am “SUPER WOMAN”.

Controlled chaos becomes chaotic chaos, out of control, stress and pissyness( I do not think that is a word but it should be). I need 4 of me and a maid! Why? Why? Why?… I do not have any idea. Mayhem is created and I fly thru life as if I am a possessed insect knowing I only have one day to live.

Bring on the fly swatter, back off, find your balance, your rhythm, to control the chaos once more. This is my life lesson. I wish I was a faster learner.


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And with this lesson…..we move forward through a chaotic upcoming week….these words will be the grounding point :0)

Comment by Karie Malia Oswalt

so funny, i started to learn this lesson a few years back when our marriage was in a very tender spot … i told a friend “i don’t know who i will be without all this chaos” … because since HS i was in it constantly. but alas Jesus has been gentle with me in my transition of learning to keep cool and lean on Him in the midst of the crazies. it really is very different now that my marriage is redeemed and i know that the chaos is not God’s will for my life!
a piece of advice that a pastor once gave me was this … “Jesus never RAN anywhere” … chew on that a bit.

Comment by schron

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