An affair to remember
August 2, 2011, 8:06 am
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Gus Gus

I am a bit embarrassed to admit I am having an affair. It took me by surprise and he came into my life when I did not even know I needed him. I really did not think I would be the type of person to have one, I am in a wonderful marriage of twenty years and adore my husband. It caught me off guard, he was unexpected, and he needed me.
I have heard of love at first sight but not a big believer to be honest, I really do not have time to dwell on these things. I am raising a family of four teenagers (three of them boys) at the moment and my husband is out-of-town a couple of days every week so the idea of having more testosterone in my house was not appealing in the least. I have learned that boys in general are much more work than girls, so why would I choose to add that to my life at this point?
Then I met him and nothing else seemed to matter, all common sense and rules and plans went out the door in that first meeting. It would be a trial, just one night and then we would decide, yea right. I saw him and just knew this was going to be an affair to remember ! He is tall, and handsome and when he looks at me I just melt, like a schoolgirl who is having her first crush. The big surprise is that he loved me too. He follows me around like, well like the puppy that he is. Yes my love affair is with my dog Gus.

I have had dogs before, and I have always enjoyed the interaction, I loved the relationship past dogs have had with our kids, the companionship, the responsibility and security a dog provides. I have cried over their deaths but in the end, they were just dogs. GUS is different. To be honest I am really not sure how or why but Gus and I – we are truly having a love affair of epic proportions. Wherever I am in the house, so is Gus. If I leave without taking him he waits by the door or by the window until I return,then wiggles and jumps and dives under and through my legs as if I was gone forever. He makes me feel like a queen and my heart will never be the same. Gus is what I needed when I did not even know I had the need and he is truly the first dog that has really been mine. It is a love affair and my husband admits to being a little jealous, I just smile and take Gus for a walk.


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I truly get it! Definatley a love like no other….

Comment by Karie Malia Oswalt

I have two furry lovers — Ted and Callie. They are kitties. They are my little balls of love wrapped in fur. They also don’t talk back, leave their socks laying around, ask me what’s for supper …


Comment by Anonymous

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