Whimsical Wednesdays
August 3, 2011, 5:35 am
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Introducing whimsical wednesdays. I just love the word whimsical, you can not say it without smiling. It is a happy word. According to the dictionary it means: given to whimsy or fanciful notions; capricious. Too often we are so busy in our chaos filled lives to enjoy the special moments our four senses deliver us on a daily basis. Whimsical Wednesdays are a chance to stop and look around and enjoy the whimsical moments that occur everyday around us. My first entry is about my love of Ferry horns. What sounds, smells or tastes bring back a whimsical memory for you? Please comment and share, it makes us all appreciate the world a little more.

Ferry Horns

It is a deep, low, loud musical note that rings out in the quiet air of the island. it is a memory from my past that conjures up a sense of peace and contentment, adventure and comfort. It is my favorite sound in the whole world. The horn symbolizes joy, youth, precious moments of time gone by when my paternal grandparents were still living and an on going peace that life is good.

To some, scents evoke that same feeling- but for me it will always be the ferry horn. Its voice sings out from early morning to late night. a lonely call at times reverberating over the water to my ears. A friendly voice at times bringing a smile to my heart. An oration of authority as it claims its rightful place in the passage between the islands of British Columbia.

The ferry horn’s consistency in depth and range have not altered since I first heard them as a child. Wild eyed and heart racing as the vibrations filled my body sailing that much closer to my island. Voyages on a wonderful ship called the Queen of Nanimo. the horn sometimes startling me with its intensity as I would watch the world go by outside on an upper deck.

The ferry horn stirs my soul and awakens my senses in a way nothing else seems to do. it is a priceless gift of sensory pleasure. It is a deep, low, loud musical note that rings out over Mayne Island and into my soul.



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that is whimsical!

Comment by tinkerbelle86

thanks! love the picture!

Comment by Kari

The smell of wet bark/wood chips= the Bear Creek Marathon… The anticipation of running more laps this year than last, the excitement of spending an hour each day outside instead of in the classroom, the early chill and afternoon warmth that springtime can bring (meaning summer is coming)…
It’s been a long, long time since I ran the Bear Creek “Marathon”, but one sniff and I’m right there again… ~Ju

Comment by Ju

ahhhh that is so fun! thanks for sharing, love you

Comment by Kari

Hearing a rooster crow makes me think of Mexico. Not the resort/touristy areas but a small town I’ve stayed in on several mission trips (near Mexicali). Roosters weren’t roaming the streets like the dogs do but still I’d always hear one singing “qui qui ri qui” (cocka doodle doo in Spanish) every morning. I actually hear that sound on a semi-regular basis even though we live in LA, thanks to Maggie’s toy barn. We do listen to a wide array of loud noises coming from the surrounding area of our apartment, but no real farm animals have been reported running from the police down our alley or the nearby 405 freeway (yet).

Comment by Heather

too funny, thanks for sharing

Comment by Kari

Thanks for the memories of Mayne. What a special time we had there.

Comment by Anonymous

Sorry, I’m not anonymous, I’m Marjorie.

Comment by Anonymous

Lovin’ it Kari!

Comment by Barb Stoefen

I understand – the sound of powwow drums give me a deep sense of well-being

Comment by Anonymous

looking forward to reading more, Kari!

Comment by lenore

I have to laugh. My mom and I were discussing your blog. She confessed that when she first starting reading this entry she was sitting there trying to figure out what ferries had horns (like antler horns not the kind that make noise). It wasn’t until the end that she figured out what you were talking about. Oh how I love my mom and my second neighbor mom. You two make me happy!

Comment by Kate

Thanks Kate! You are awesome and your mom is perfect

Comment by Kari

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