Saturday story-time
August 6, 2011, 6:30 am
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Saturdays are a great day to sleep in, catch up, enjoy the paper and a cup of coffee. On Saturdays, we hopefully have at least a little more time. My “Saturday Story-time” entry’s will be a bit longer and introduce you to my family and life in a more extensive way. So grab your coffee, tea or hot chocolate, find a comfy seat and enjoy the story. It’s the weekend and I am so glad to be a part of your day.

Unexpected Moments

I am in the kitchen trying to get dinner done, the groceries put away and a batch of brownies made. I hear my oldest son Isaac screaming for me “Mom, come here” When I do not immediately respond he thinks he needs to be louder still, “Mom, MOM COME HERE!” I run to the family room where he is playing his PS3, thinking what NOW? He sees me, smiles his sheepish grin and says “What time is Dinner”? Isaac, who epitomizes the lazy sloth from the movie Ice Age, loves nothing more than to get under my skin. His humor is wonderful, but is mostly used to get a rise out of one family member or another. He truly enjoys annoying others! (Now I know, as far as teenage problems this is minor, and I am thankful he is not doing drugs, drinking, or even dating right now.) Yet, even though I know his goal is to get me to react, I fall for it almost every time. This of course delights Him to no end and makes me a little Pissy.


Isaac is sixteen, 6’2, skinny and as I said before lazy. He walks around droopy shouldered, monkey arms, long legs, and larger than life feet that shuffle slowly along like Goofy(or Sid) in a cartoon. He listens to rap music and enjoys the black rap culture. I think he would trade his brothers skin color any day of the week. Isaac is very intelligent, which just adds to my frustration, as things come so easily to him. He has amazing grades but his motto is “do the least, get the most.” Why get a 100% when 90% will still get you the “A” without all the work.

His favorite pass time is medieval role-play video games. Getting lost in another world while engaging his mind, along with his terrific hand-eye coordination make these games a perfect fit for him. Isaac could (if we would let him) play for hours on end. It provides his avid mind something to do, while allowing him to maintain his inactive lifestyle. The only thing that comes close to his passion for PS3 is his love of sugar and junk food. Mt Dew, chips, Reese’s, ice-cream, cookie dough, he should be a 300 lb. manatee, but he never gains an ounce. This is also high on the annoying scale for a 44 year old mom who looks at the crap, and gains 5 lbs.

To top it off Isaac is also an excellent athlete, which is a total oxymoron to his lackadaisical lifestyle he so willingly promotes. He plays basketball, lettered in tennis the first year he played and enjoys all outdoor games. If he is not sleeping, eating junk, or playing video games he is constantly moving, twiddling, poking, drumming his foot, tapping his finger, annoying and torturing his siblings(especially his sister.) You would think he has ADHD but that requires more energy than he is willing to produce.

School has just been let out for the summer, and Isaac is a loud, complaining, lazy, bored boy. He rolls his eyes from morning to night, and grunts if you ask him to do anything other than eat, sleep or play his game. He is grumpy and using his skills at annoying others to extreme levels. He can not get a job because of his sport commitments and, well, his laziness. I do not have enough food, or the right food. I am too conservative, and controlling. I am demanding and ungrateful of course have no sense of what it is like to be him. Does any of this sound familiar? I am ready to send him to boarding school till he is thirty and can behave like a decent human being again.

Thank God, he is leaving for a team basketball camp. We can all take a breather from the tension. I make him brownies and send him on his way. The four days went by very quietly and quickly. i knew that he would come home tired and cranky and I tried to prepare myself for his attitude. In the Johnson household nothing moves slowly(except Isaac) and we are getting ready to leave for a three week trip. Since organized chaos is the driving force of what keeps our family together there was lots to do. It was going to be a one night turn around for Isaac. Clothes needed to be washed, cars packed, house cleaned, yard mowed- not a time to dilly dally.

Isaac came home tired, and dirty, and with his bad attitude non communicative moans. I was anticipating a battle. I knew the conditions were ripe for another blow out. I was tired and ready to get on the road for our vacation. I heard his voice yelling for me “MOM COME HERE.” I answered with a brisk “No, you come to me” “MAhhhm, come here!” We met in the hallway where I am prepared to let him have it.

Isaac just smiles at me with his sheepish grin, and hands me an absolutely perfect whole sand dollar. “I found this on the beach for you mom, and brought it back for you”. My heart melts, I tear up and give him a huge hug. Thanks, Isaac, that is like the sweetest thing you have done for me in a long, long time. “Really?” he asks confused. Yes, I answer unable to say more as I hold the precious gift from the sea. In an unexpected moment of pure tenderness and thoughtfulness from my lazy, goofy, sixteen year old son, I decide he can stay living with us after all…at least for another week.


Isaac’s disclaimer to this post is that I exaggerated his laziness a bit.


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What a beautiful and incredibly accurate description of my son, Matthew. Oh wait, it was not Matthew? He MUST at least be related. Lazy but a good student, drives me crazy but essentially a good kid, obsessed with video games (Runescape?). We should have our boys exchange gamer tags – so even if they can’t hang out and get to know each other in person, they can play together virtually. Kind of like an online family reunion… XXOO. – Kelly

Comment by Kelly Berry

Too funny, assassins creed is the game of choice here, amazing how individual yet streamline our kids can be, thanks for reading and commenting, love you

Comment by Kari

Sounds like Jeremy in the “Zits” cartoon strip, but you forgot to mention the big feet!!

(So well written, Kari 🙂

Comment by Barb Stoefen


I think that cartoon was written about Isaac, I swear the author lives in my walls. I do m mention his big feet but in a sentence with all his other big elongated body parts,

thanks for reading and your kind words,

Comment by Kari

This is great. My favorite part is Isaac’s disclaimer! Bahahaha!

Comment by Angi Clark

It was quite humorous, he is a funny kid

Comment by Kari

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