Do I have to go?
August 12, 2011, 6:00 am
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Do I have to go? That was my first response as I thought about this weekend. My husband and I are heading to his home town for his 30th high school reunion. It should be very enlightening to meet his classmates as I have always said that if I met him in high school I never would have married him. He and I had very different experiences during those pivotal years, and I do not think either of us would have found the other attractive in the least. We were on different sides of the country. I was in NewYork and Pennsylvania for my high school years and Scott was in Oregon. He had grown up in the same house, the same street and had friends from first grade that he graduated with. In fact, there was another Scott Johnson that he sat next to for most of his school career.

My Scott Johnson, has an incredible memory, and he has stories galore about growing up in Oregon. He remembers first and last names of his teachers, friends, first girlfriend in kindergarten and probably her dogs name. I have been hearing about these people through his stories for over 20 years now. Scott’s dad owned a pharmacy in the center of the town he grew up in, his mother worked as well, and man, did they know everybody. It was a relatively small town so that helped add to the folklore of this amazing place.

Often when we would get together with his family they would do the “who is who and who is where now” conversation. I have to admit I was fascinated because they all knew first, last, maiden and married names. I think they could link everyone with a story and usually an extra bonus of where they went to church. Since I had moved three times during these same years, I did not have this history with a group of peers or association with a town. At times it has been annoying, and a bit overwhelming to get stuck in these conversations where I had no clue who they were talking about. But, they were always good stories, and usually involved Scott getting into some kind of mischief.

I am looking forward to putting faces with these urban legends. I am counting on hearing the stories again from another perspective and meeting the woman who gave him his first kiss. I am looking forward to it because it was something I never had and something we are trying to give to our children. It is a history, a foundation, a sense of belonging that rarely happens these days. I am proud to be coming home with him and being introduced as his wife. I know there will be conversations that I will be bored with as I do not know any of the people they are talking about. There will be lots of dumb jokes about getting older, fatter and balder on everyone’s part and I am sure some funny comparisons and stories about the crazy things they did. I will cherish it all, and proudly tell of our family and the life we have created together, because even if I would not have liked him had we been in high school together, these people and this town have created the infrastructure for the man I can not live with out. Do I have to go? No, but I really want to!




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That’s cool! It’s good you’re excited, I will probably never step foot in any sort of reunion, haha. And Scott’s picture–you’re sure that’s not Isaac with a wig?!

Comment by Melissa

I think you should reconsider and go to at least one of your reunions. You would be pleasantly surprised.

Comment by Kari

Kari, I am SO glad you went! I enjoyed visiting with you and getting to know you a bit. 🙂 It was a fun evening putting all of those faces with a name. I so know what you mean about the family talking about who’s who and who is where and who lived next to who when who was coaching what & on & on….except I am blessed to hear it everyday! I love my inlaws. They have such a great memory! 🙂 I love our blog. Thank you for sharing. ~Kristi

Comment by Anonymous

Thanks Kristi,

It was so good to meet you as well and I hope we will see each other in the future! Keep the comments coming as it lets me know you are reading it and encourages me to keep going!

Comment by Kari

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