Managing Mondays; the gift closet
August 15, 2011, 6:30 am
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I am in Costco, with my daughter Jessie and we are on a hunt. Not for 40 rolls of toilet paper, not for the largest block of cheese, and not for a 25 lb. bag of flour, these I buy on a regular basis, and are not hunt worthy. We are hunting for the little known, Costco sale items. I was given some insider information about this bargain and we were going to hunt and find out just what this meant. I am a huge bargain hunter, I love to save money, I get a natural high when I use coupons and save more than I spend. This new tip had me very excited.

The truth is Costco does have coupons for some items and I enjoy using them, I can usually tell how good the coupon is by the item limit. The less they let you buy, the better the deal. Costco does not have “sale items” and there are no signs letting you know,that it is indeed, on sale. When they are trying to get rid of an item, only have a few left, need more space on the floor, or whatever, they lower the price and end the price with a .97. For example on our hunt today we found a 2 piece insulated beverage tub for $4.97, I know that when they first came into the store they were $19.99. That is a good deal, one I would have probably not noticed had I not been hunting for items ending in .97.

This then brings up the question, what will you do with this insulated beverage container? I am so glad you asked, because my Managing Mondays this week is about gift closets. One of the ways I save my family money is by having a gift closet. When I find a really good deal on an item that I think would be a great gift, I buy it. I store it in a closet and when an occasion for a gift arises, I usually have something that will work, without having to leave the house, or break the budget.

I always check the clearance items, I have found that Fred Meyer, Kohl’s, and Target are the best places to get rock bottom prices on nice quality items. I love to give presents, I am a giver by nature and really like surprising friends and family with unexpected treats. I always try to keep a baby gift, a wedding gift, a housewarming gift and age appropriate birthday gifts. I have so much fun hunting and feel good about giving a nice present, knowing I can still feed my family.

Toys are best bought after a holiday like Christmas or Easter. Summer items are at their best deals right now, beach towels, water toys, outdoor dishes etc. are all really cheap. Find a good place in your house or garage to store these items. It should be a place that you see fairly often so it will remind you what you have, and also remind you to keep a good stock. I have two shelves in a closet that also holds my lightbulbs, extra kleenex and other similar things. This is not the place to store presents you buy for your kids as they will discover it faster than you can say “Sale”.

So have fun hunting, if it’s a really good deal buy two or three, and let me know if you find out any insider secrets so I can save even more!


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