Is there a tooth fairy?
August 18, 2011, 6:00 am
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It is late, and I am trying to get the four kids down to bed. The three boys share one room and Jessie is in the room right next door. John who is in first grade, is pushing the bed time by asking questions and being goofy. I notice he is missing a tooth and exclaim “John, when did you lose your tooth?” He gets this sad look on his face, and says “a couple of day of days ago. I keep putting it under the pillow but the tooth fairy has not come yet.” I feel four sets of wide, innocent, eyes on me. Think Kari, think fast. “Well John, the tooth fairy can not possibly remember when every child loses a tooth,(insert panicked pause) so, he relies on parents to let him know when their child does, so he knows, to come for a visit.” I say, in a jumbled and strained voice.

John gives me a look of uncertainty, and I think, I am really in trouble here. How can a six year old be so smart, who would have thought a kid could keep losing a tooth a secret. Isaac always blabbed to the whole world as soon as it began to wiggle a little. I had two more five year olds who were looking forward to the tooth fairy, could this illusion be gone so soon? I was frantic for the right words, a way to make this catastrophic mistake of parenting not scar my children for life.

The four of them are very quiet for what feels like an eternity but was probably about 45 seconds and Christian bursts out “Mom you know the tooth fairy’s phone number???”. “Why of course I do, it came with the parenting manual you get when you have children, all the important phone numbers and instructions are there, you’ll see, you will get it too.” I replied trying to keep my laughter out of my voice. Christian had saved me, and once again, all was right in their world, and the tooth fairy would live on, for at least a couple more years.

I do not know how many times I have wished what I said was true. Not about the tooth fairy, (although that would be really cool) but about the manual. It feels like so much of parenting is flying by the seat of your pants, and hoping you do not moon the world in the process. Should I have ‘fessed up’ and told them the truth right then? Is there a moral truth I was missing, would they grow up thinking telling lies was okay? Or worse yet, become parents themselves, and get really pissed off that they never got the manual I told them they would.

Parenting is not an easy thing, but it is a rewarding, beautiful, amazing, humorous ride. When things like this happen, and if you are normal, they will, write it down. When the timing is right, share it with your kids and laugh with them. Laughter after all, is the best medicine and the best manual you will ever find.


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Your kids will get the manual when they are parents because you are writing it right now 🙂

Comment by Kate

i guess that is true!

Comment by Kari

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