Curious George/Curious Christian
August 20, 2011, 6:00 am
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I love reading Curious George, I love his innocent heart and his simple way of getting in trouble without meaning to. I enjoy his unquenchable desire to see what is around the corner, then the corner after that and just one more after that. The man in the big yellow hat has the patience of a saint and the heart of a mother as he continually forgives, laughs and bails him out time, after time. My son Christian, is a boy version of the monkey.

I imagine that if Curious George was a boy he would ask questions constantly. My Christian does just that, he is one non stop question. He is not trying to be annoying, he truly wants to know. I do try to encourage the curiosity but often have to limit the verbal entourage. His siblings are not very patient, and on long car trips he is often limited to the number of questions he can ask. Movies become an ordeal, as Christian loudly whispers his questions in the middle of a key scene. It is worse than a toddler wanting to go to the bathroom.(We now have him write his questions down to ask us after the movie is over.)

This need to know and to experience things in a very tactile way has gotten Christian, like Curious George, into some interesting situations. His sixth grade year was the height of this need to know phase. I think I got more calls from his middle school teacher, than any other, in all the grades before. The freedom, and relaxed tone was a ripe atmosphere for my sons curiosity, and test of boundaries. Conversations with his teachers were short, and numerous.

Kari? Hey. It’s… Yea so Christian was sent into the hall today, it was quiet reading and he started singing aloud with the music. Kari? Hey it’s… Yea so Christian was sent into the hall today, he glued his hands together when we were working on a project. Kari? Hey me again, well today, he told a girl in our class she was fat, not to be mean but to let her know, so she could work on it. Kari? Hey. We had a test today and Christian was asking himself an answer to his test out loud, and the other kids at his table thought he was asking them and cheating. Kari? Hey…

I think I was on speed dial. Christian, like Curious George was totally innocent, un aware of his effect on those around him, and truly wanted to do the right thing. This, and the fact that he was so cute are the only things that saved him from never making it to 7th grade. (Well, maybe all those mocha’s and cookies, I happened to drop by for the teachers helped too.) I thought for sure I would be writing a book titled “Christian there are things you just don’t do.” Curiosity mixed with no common sense, made for a tough combination of Curious George like experiences.

Is it possible to teach common sense? How do you love the monkey but not the ‘monkey business’? Time, after time, he would be fooled by his siblings into believing crazy things. Isaac would tell him outrageous stuff and he would come asking me if it was true. Mom, Isaac said that if I drink white milk I will turn white, that’s why he drinks chocolate milk because he wants to be black. Mom, what happens in movies is not real right? Like if someone dies, they are just acting right? Does kissing really lead to sex and babies?

Christian has matured, changed, and grown up in so many ways since that crazy 6th grade year. He still asks too many questions, still has an insatiable curiosity and still drives his siblings crazy. Yet, like Curious George, you can not help but love, laugh and want to protect him. Like the man in the Yellow Hat, you laugh with him, forgive him, and hope you are around to experience the next adventure he will take you on.



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Love it! Glad you’re blogging today. 🙂

Comment by Ju

Thanks Julane, got keep on keeping on

Comment by Kari

Love this! I’m so glad you were able to write today …

Comment by Barb Stoefen

Thanks barb, for everything

Comment by Kari

I love Christian, I convinced him last summer to eat vegetables and drink milk to make him grow.

Comment by Anonymous

He also believed we could put him on a rack and stretch him.

Comment by Anonymous

Ya kathi thanks and he wanted whole milk from then on

Comment by Kari

That was quite a conversation when he got home, lol

Comment by Kari

Oh the movies questions. I will never forget watching Free Willy 2 with him and the other kids and the line kissing leads to sex and him turning to me and asking what’s sex? hahahah

Comment by Kate

kate, you always get the best questions

Comment by Kari

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