Managing Mondays: Taxi MOM
August 22, 2011, 2:27 pm
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I was gently poked awake by my son Christian this morning at 7:30, he was wondering if I was taking him to practice. I just got back last night at midnight from an intense weekend with my parents and sister as we dealt with a family crisis. I was disoriented, but managed to pull some clothes on and get out the door barefooted, with John who is on the JV football team for his practice at 8:00, come back to get Jessie to her freshman soccer tryout. As I am dropping Jessie off I realize I have mixed up the times and JV football is at 9:00 and Freshman at 8:00. Bolt home, get Christian out the door, beg for forgiveness from the freshman coach for being confused, feel like an idiot, head home. Repeat process in three hours when practice is over. Get ready to do it again at four because it is daily doubles.

Manic Mondays presents: Taxi MOM. I have heard this story told by many parents throughout the years. We spend so much time in our cars, that they do, in some ways become a second home. The following suggestions of items to have at all times in your car are divided into the age of your children, as the needs do vary as they grow. I have a small plastic tub that I replenish weekly/monthly that is always in the car. Please remember, that it does not last forever, some seasons are worse than others, and of course our motto of Laugh to Survive.

Babies and toddlers:

sturdy books that do not make noise (really important for your sanity)
first aid kit
extra baby wipes, diapers and ‘wetones’ (separate from diaper bag)
juice boxes
lolly pops
little water bottles
small blanket

Elementary Age:

first aid kit
batteries(for various electronics)
water bottles
granola bars
clorox wipes
extra set of emergency clothes ( like navy sweats to fit any child that happens to need them)

Pre-teen – Teenagers:

first aid kit
feminine protection
clorox wipes
gum/breath mints
batteries(for various electronics)
water bottles
extra sweatshirt

I also try to stash a few bucks in different places in my car in case of an emergency or if I forget to grab my purse. This is not an exhaustive list and feel free to add your own ideas. Having it in a container really helps me stay organized and it is easy to pull out to re-fill or change items in it. This is not an emergency car breakdown list. It is a parents taxi survival kit. Happy Driving


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Kari, I’m worried about your family and what you are going through. I’m praying for you. Hope things are ok.


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thanks kimmy, did you get my email?

Comment by Kari

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