teacher appreciation

My two sisters had gone before me, but today was my day.  My first day of kindergarten, Mrs. Allen had been Kathi’s teacher and then Kristi’s and now mine, all mine. I can remember walking into that class room scared and excited my pigtails bobbing in rhythm with my fast beating heart. School is exciting. Learning is fun. Mrs Allen made sure of it. Mrs. Minini made sure that was true for Isaac, and I hope you had that experience too. I love teachers! My mom was one, my dad was a college professor, my sister was a teacher, my sister-in-law is still teaching and I am so thankful for them.

I especially love them on Monday mornings when they open the doors to their classroom and I get to leave my children there. For those of you amazing parents who have chosen to home school I lift my hat off to you and pray for you daily. My family is still together and somewhat happy because I do not home school.  This had led to a true passion of mine;teacher appreciation. I am well aware of my weaknesses, and shortcomings as a mom, and know I could not raise my children nearly as well without the support and knowledge of teachers through the years.

These public servants choose to spend their days with other people’s kids, get paid very little, often are un noticed, and definitely under appreciated.  One of my goals as a parent is to go out of my way to let my kids teachers know I appreciate them.  It is more than being a volunteer in the classroom.  It is seeing this wonderful person as a person and, letting them know, you know, they had a choice in what they would do with their life and by choosing to teach they are changing the world.

When my kids started elementary school I created a teacher questionnaire that is similar to what many teachers send home for you or your child to fill out.  I wanted to know what and how I could best honor this person who has chosen to spend time with my child and help me raise them into responsible, caring, knowledgeable students of life. I did not want to give them an apple mug or some other dust collector.  I wanted to be helpful but not overbearing or a helicopter mom.

This little piece of paper changed my public school experience forever. Teachers are blown away, and you have concrete ideas to honor and thank them for the wonderful job they do. I am putting it here, please, copy, paste, change, add, whatever works for you. Our schools need our help, our teachers need our respect and we all need to invest in the future of our most precious resource: children.

Teachers Information Sheet

Name: ___________________
Birthday: _____________________
Email address: ______________________
Favorite drink: _________________________
Favorite restaurant: ____________________

Family members:______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

Anniversary: ___________________
Favorite color: _________________
Favorite food: _________________
Favorite snack/treat ____________
Favorite sport/ leisure activity: ___________________________

What is the best way I can support you? Time in the classroom? Running copies? One-on-one with student’s? Fieldtrips? I have mornings free and could give you an hour a week… what can I do for you?

What does an ideal Volunteer look like to you?

I love my children and I know you will too. My goal as a parent is to support them but also to support you in any way I can. Your job is a hard one and you do not often get the recognition you deserve. I am so thankful for you and for the hours you spend helping to shape the future through the education of our children. I am looking forward to a great year!!


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Wow Kari. Wish I’d been smart enough to have done this. Good stuff.

Comment by Barb Stoefen

Barb, I know you well enough to know that though you may not have done this exact thing you did something like it.

Comment by Kari

Fabulous idea, Kari ~ especially the understanding thoughtfulness behind it ~ well done!

Comment by Julie

thanks Julie,
It has been a great way to communicate and to open doors with teachers through the years

Comment by Kari

As a recipient of that questionnaire and you as a parent, I can’t tell you how much it meant to me.

Comment by Anonymous

Thanks Allison, you are an awesome teacher and I hope you will get other parents who let you know and help you out!

Comment by Kari

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