August 26, 2011, 9:15 am
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I have a Laundry Angel. I know that this is hard to believe, I often have to remind myself just how blessed I am, but I have a Laundry Angel. I am not sure how it happened, I am not even sure when it happened but for quite a few years I have been out of the Laundry loop. It might have something to do with the fact that I stink at it. It may have something to do with my husband being a bit more particular about his clothes than I am. It could perhaps be that I can ignore piles of dirty clothes, never match socks, and think pink is a perfectly acceptable color for all things.

My husband, Scott is my laundry angel. He is efficient, he is anal, and he is wonderful. I do many things, and I like to think I do them well, but Scott is a laundry Master. Most men(and I mean no offence) are not multi taskers. Scott is not really the exception to this rule for anything but laundry. He has trained his ears and his inner timing to be at one with the washing machine and dryer. It is really a beautiful thing to watch(emphasis on watch) as he manages the daunting task of keeping up on laundry for a family of six.

Now hear me on this, all my kids know how to wash their own clothes. It is important to me that they understand what and how a washing machine works, how to put the soap in and change the lint in the dryer. In an emergency I am confident that they could get their clothes clean without having to ask for help. Here is where the laundry angel comes in. He like to be on top of things, he likes things to be clean, he likes bedrooms that do not smell like something died in them. His mother is an amazing and wonderful woman whom I love dearly and she taught him these things. He learned really well, and so I have a Laundry Angel. Thanks MaryEllen!

Our kids, seem however to have taken my approach to laundry; if you still have underwear clean you do not need to wash yet. We are blessed to have a lot of underwear. The three boys share one room, when I would say light a candle, open a window and shut the door, My Laundry angel has a different approach. He actually makes them put their dirty clothes in a clothes bin, bring it to the laundry room when it is full (not over flowing) and communicate with him that it is ready to be done. What a great man, dad and role model.

I know Scott wonders at times, how he became the Laundry Angel. He works hard, has a stressful job and not a whole lot of down time, often he is staying up to switch that last load before he goes to bed. Sometimes even angels get grumpy, and I try to help out, but I truly do not have the discipline or focus it takes. He will sigh, (probably swear under his breath) and take back over. I know that this example of selfless love for our family is doing way more than getting our clothes clean. He is leading by example what it takes to work together, shattering stereo types of what is a ‘woman’s work’ and training our kids to be able to survive in college and beyond.

I have a Laundry Angel and I am so blessed.


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Kari, I love it!
Scotti, please come train my husband to be the ‘laundry angel”

Comment by Anonymous

thanks, please try to remember to let me know who you are when you post a comment cause it is hard for me to guess and I love knowing who is reading my blog

Comment by Kari

Way to go Scott! Pete is my laundry angel — he started doing the family laundry on Sundays when I began going to church twenty years ago. He figured I wouldn’t beg him to come along if he was doing something productive at home. He was right 🙂

Comment by Barb Stoefen

Too funny, good job Pete!

Comment by Kari

Oh my goodness this is too funny. Steve is the L.A. at our house. When I married him and he was doing the laundry I took it personal. “What? You dont think I can do your laundry right?” Ya, I have let that go, baby! It is way cool to not have to worry about it. He just doesnt want me to have to worry about it. Where did this guy come from? lol Im a lucky girl.

Comment by Kristi Weiher

Kristi, we need to stop living paralel lives, lol. Enjoy it don’t fight it!

Comment by Kari

I love my laundry angel too! -Ju

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Kari

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