Breathe, Sip wine, Breathe
September 6, 2011, 6:00 am
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It is a warm night and I am drinking a glass of wine on the deck. It has been a crazy day filled with miles in my car being the Taxi, trying to finish up projects before school starts, and the drama that comes with having four teenagers. I sit on the back deck, take big, deep, breaths and remind myself how blessed I am. It is easy to get caught up in the sheer volume of tasks that need to be done everyday. The pressure I put on myself to get it all done, done well, and in the perfect time is a bit overwhelming at times.

Isaac and my husband Scott have been at each other all day. They play into each other, and off of each other in a low boiling rumble that I seem to be in the middle of. It creates a tension in me that I find hard to control. I see both sides so clearly, and both are right to a degree. I feel like a piece of taffy on the pulling machine, the product may be great but the process is painful.

John’s vision specialist called, and he is worried about John’s schedule for the fall. Things are changing again and could I call to get an appointment with his counselor so we can work this out ASAP. Transitions are difficult for John, when school starts he gets so busy and so focused that he becomes a different person. It is not a person I like or something I look forward to. Scott and I joke that we like the ‘Summer John’ and wish it was 10 months instead of two.

Gus, dug more holes in my husbands beautiful lawn. He ate more things he is not supposed to, and jumped in our neighbors pond so he smells like fish.

Jessie and Christian need to be in different places all over town and could we please pick up Austin on the way. The phone rings while I am pulling out of the driveway and it is a student leader from the high school telling me that CJ and Jessie will be in the same ‘link crew’ group for the first day of school. I know that this will be met with groans of terror, so I ask politely, if they could perhaps be in different groups. She is very nice, but I am sure is thinking “look lady I am just a volunteer, I am not in charge, and nobody else is asking for this.” I have become ‘THAT’ mom.

As I sip my wine, and remember to breathe, my husband comes out and gives me a kiss, “I love you babe,” I smile, knowing deep in my soul, it is true. The clouds in the sky are a beautiful red and pink, because of Forrest fires in the area, and I breathe again, thankful my family is safe. Gus comes out the door and lies at my feet, and I have to laugh because he is so darn cute, even if he stinks. I breathe again, and remember how blessed I am.

Days will be overwhelming. I will be bitchy sometimes for no reason. I will forget important things. I will not always get it right, or be the parent, lover, friend I want to be. Still, I will be okay, because through the years and the trials and the chaos I have learned to stop, have a glass of wine and breathe. What do you do for yourself so you can be the person you want and need to be? Take my humble, and hard-earned advice. Find out what will calm you, take the time to do it, Breathe and know the whole family will benefit because you did.


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Love this! I, too, find that when I take time to breathe…just breathe, helps everything look a little better. Oh, and a glass of a good red helps me pace my breathing.

Comment by Transitioning Mom

thanks, good to know I am resonating with people.

Comment by Kari

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