I am a Football mom
September 7, 2011, 9:20 am
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My name is Kari Johnson, and I am a football mom.

Being in a family of three girls, I found myself fighting for my dad’s attention from the moment I was born. Early on I learned what a sports fan my dad was. If we could find nothing else to talk about, we could talk about sports. I had his attention. My mom jokes that the reason he fell in love with her was because on their first date, they went to a football game. Their college team, Lewis and Clark, was playing at Linfield, and she could talk to him intelligently about the game. So I grew up loving football.

I now have three boys and one girl and they all have played football. My family loves to watch, play and analyze football. We enjoy pro, and college, and now are a part of the ‘long blue line’ that is Bend High School football. Isaac, (my oldest) and the tall skinny white boy of the family is the only one I really worried about. He is a stick waiting to be broken and when he played in 8th grade I did not feel good about it. Call it mother’s intuition or whatever, but the final game of his 8th grade year, in the end of the 3rd quarter, Isaac went down and did not get back up. He dislocated his knee, and I got to ride with him in the ambulance to the hospital.

Last year, Jessie was the kicker for the 8th grade team, the only girl on an all boys team, playing with her brother Christian (who liked the idea of being able to put a hit on her without consequences). John, (though small and legally blind) is a muscle machine as a nose guard on the JV team this year, after a very successful time on the freshman team. Isaac is now retired from playing the game but is the commissioner of Fantasy Football for our family, and his friends.

Today is the first high school football game for Christian. Since he started playing tackle football on an organized team, he has yet to lose a game. I will proudly wear his jersey and cheer like a mad woman. I will be able to follow the game and know what position he is playing (by the way – he is a running back, tail back, and special teams player). When my dad (who finally has some football players to watch) sits beside me today, I will be extra thankful that I was one of three girls, with a dad who loved sports.

My name is Kari Johnson, and I am a football mom.


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As the middle of three girls avoiding the noise of football was my pass time. i’m the quiet one and think football especially in my family is way too loud and chaotic to watch. but…..watching my nephews play is too hard to pass up because they are nothing but beautiful to watch. next game i’m bringing my ipod to drown out the noise and just watch the spectacle of my football family in the silence of my music and my own thoughts. I don’t like all the yelling….but i love my football family. k2

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