My Four Dwarves
September 16, 2011, 9:35 am
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I was very excited to get school pictures this year. All four kids in high school, all looking so grown up. What happened with the pictures is actually a portrait of my kids in a “punny” way. In High School they are responsible to pick them up outside the office. They announce this on the morning announcements and then if they have not picked them up after a few days, they tape them on the office window for the whole school to see.

Jessica, brought hers home, showed us immediately, made sure we had them in our hands and complimented her on the beautiful picture it is. I asked Jessie if all the kids had gotten their pictures. “Well, yes but you have to go pick them up yourself by the office.”

Isaac, did you get your pictures? “So heres the thing mom, they are at the office and that is wayyyy out of my way. I never go by the office anymore so I guess I will get them eventually.” You don’t care that they are going to be posted? “No, not really, I am just kinda lazy so…” rolling of the eyes and slumping off to his room, Isaac leaves me shaking my head.

Christian, did you get your pictures? “ What do you mean? I have to get them? Where?” Well if you don’t pick them up in the office they will post them for the whole school to see. “No, way! I will get them first thing.” Later that day after his football game and we have eaten dinner I ask if he picked them up. “Yes, they are in my back pack.” I go to look for them today and can not find them, I am sure they are still in his back pack. By the time I do get them they will be wrinkled and bent. Christian will look at me with an incredulous smile “Sorry, mom I forgot they were in there.”

John, did you get your pictures? “Picture? what picture?”

There you have in a nut shell my four dwarves : Responsible, Lazy, Distracted, and Disinterested. So all you see today is Jessie’s school picture for now, I will keep you posted as to the others, if and when I get them.


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wow! Great photo Jessie! Can’t wait ’til we get one!! xoxo Aunt Jana

P.S. I hope you get the rest of the pics sooner than later Kari!

Comment by Jana

Just so you know, I was dead on, cj’s pictures had to ironed before I could give them out or frame them. John’s got home un scathed and Isaac has yet to bring his home, lol

Comment by Kari

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