Saturday Story Time: Is it worth it?
September 17, 2011, 2:52 pm
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It is halftime at the Varsity football game. My whole family is at the game for the first time. Isaac is with his buddies in the student section, Christian is off with the freshman boys somewhere, Jessie is laughing with her girlfriends on the edge of the main area and my John is down on the sidelines dressed in uniform and being a part of the team. Scotty looks at me and we both smile, we have waited for this moment for a long time. All the kids in high school, all confident in their own way, and all interdependent on each other.

A good friend walks up and has his four kids with him. The oldest is in sixth grade, then the other three following close behind. They are like the next generation of our family. I asked how he was doing and with a shrug he said “Well, you know, back to school for me as a teacher is always busy, then add four kids in four different activities in four different places. Its crazy! Tell me Kari, is it worth it?”

That’s a really good question. Is it worth it? Well it depends on what your ‘it’ is. For our family it has been well worth it. The sports that they have been involved in, have at times, caused great stress within our family. It is next to impossible to be at all the activities, all the different places and still remain sane. We have been very blessed with wonderful families who have helped us with carpooling, rides home and overnight stays, so we could juggle the differing schedules to the best of our ability. I have dashed from place to place, put miles and money into the transportation and sworn up and down this would be the last year. Until the next Season.

Basketball is pretty much year round, soccer has been 9 months of the year and that is not including the camps, the extra practices, the traveling to out-of-town games and tournaments. Is it worth it?

Our four kids are in high school, they have played in organized sports since they were in kindergarten. They have friends that they have played with, and against, and then with again. I have witnessed good sportsmanship, and bad, good coaching, and bad coaching, outrageous parents and terrible referees. So have my kids. We have talked about it, cried, laughed and got pissed off because of it. They have developed confidence, leadership, compassion and stayed in shape. They have learned to control their temper, fuel their passion, and lose as well as win with grace.

Scott and I trust their judgement because we have seen it played out on the court. We are confident they will make good decisions because we have watched them respond to pressure and negativity both on and off the field. We have faith in their friendships because we have known, traveled, and relied upon these families through the years for support and help in a mutual ‘it takes a village’ sort of mentality. We believe they have the tools to become positive influences on the society.

Was this all because of sports? No. Are their times when I question the validity of all the time and effort and sacrifice our family has made for these sports? Yes. Would life be simpler if they were not so involved? Maybe. Is it worth it? We say yes. For the Johnson family, yes.


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Kari, we have obviously been struggling with this one … I know the craziness will get easier … first week is always the hardest. Sometimes it feels like we do nothing but sports, when I want to occasionally lay in bed on a Saturday morning while hearing Maya and Jasper working together making pancakes for the whole family … or just decide spur of the moment to walk around the neighborhood garage-saling …. I know we have opportunities to have those things too and this is just a season. Thanks for your post and looking forward to more.

Comment by Stephanie Tadjiki

thanks stephanie for the comment, the Fall is always the hardest Season for us. Hang in there and know you will get those times with the kids, they will just be more special because of the rarity. love to you

Comment by Kari

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