Managing Monday’s: Out The Door

Managing Mondays: Getting them out the door for school

Its Monday morning, Jessie comes in and asks for eggs, as she has a game today. John is riding his bike to school this morning and has a “do not talk to me” look on his face. Christian over-slept and Isaac is moving at his regular slow pace. As Jessie goes upstairs to brush her teeth she calls down to Christian, ‘Shot Gun’. Christian yells back that he had already called it( it must have been in his sleep). “Where are the towels?” Isaac implores, as if I have hidden them from him to torture him. A few more comments here and there, the snack basket raided, and more grumbling as Jessie waits impatiently at the door. “Bye Mom” from the trio, and out they go. Lights left on in every room, clothes, and wet towels thrown on the floor and the sound of three car doors slamming. This was a pretty good morning!

No matter what the age, getting out of the house in the morning seems to be a trial. I can be the most organized, planned, got it together kind of mom and morning chaos will still reign. Here are a few things I have learned over the years to help make school mornings manageable.

Pre-School and Younger:

This is where your organization as a mom and pre-planning can make a huge difference. Pick out their clothes the night before. Check the diaper bag for all the essentials. Have the coffee maker on a timer so you can function. Have a time you want to leave by in your mind, now add a half hour and give yourself lots of grace. Remember it always takes longer than you think and they really have no sense of time. When they ask “me do it” and you know that adds another few minutes try to remind yourself that when they are teenagers you will be begging them to say those very words.

Elementary School:

Knowing your child’s temperment and establishing a routine are essential to survival at this stage. I found that even though all my kids moved at different rates(read slow, slower and oh my gosh I am going to miss the bus), if we could get in a pattern of waking, eating, and morning toiletries things tended to run a bit smoother. A set bed time and a set wake-up time. Clothes (for as long as you can get away with it) laid out the night before. Again they really have no concept of time so you need to provide it. Call out warnings of time left, try not to get caught up in an e-mail or Facebook until they are out the door as I have found my distraction leads to stress and more chaos. Remember to tell them you love them and then get them to the bus or car or on the way with a smile. How they leave the house will often dictate their day. Again lots of grace for yourself and if it does not go well, try to figure out where you can help to make it smoother by being pro-active.

Middle School:

Get them up, make sure they have a top and bottom on. Push them out the door. Thank God you are both alive.

High school:

Make sure they are up, mention brushing of teeth and deodorant, remind them of the time every two minutes (they still have no concept of time or they are over conscious of time, either way), they need to be prompted. Expect phone calls for the things they forget, give yourself and them lots of grace. Remember you love them, wanted to have children and these four years are going to fly by.


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Thanks Kathi. Weird that you are dealing with this now? love you

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