Whimsical Wednesday presents: Mayne Island part 1; The Cabin
September 28, 2011, 7:50 am
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In the beginning of my posts when I first started my blog, I wrote my first Whimsical Wednesday about the sound of ferry boats. I grew up going to a very special island just past the Canadian Border. It is in the Pacific Northwest, in a cluster of islands called the Gulf islands, which are located just north of the San Juan Islands of Washington state. The next few Wednesdays will highlight my favorite spots, memories, and reflections I have of this wonderful place I call My Island.

I really do not have a memory that does not include the island. From the moment I do have memories it is with an affection and adoration for this place called Mayne Island. My paternal grandparents were traveling in the summer of 1960 while cruising in their twenty-four foot Fairliner. My grandpa Gerry fell in love with the island, bought two acres of property and decided to build a home. In the early seventies he retired, moved permanently to the island, and became a Canadian Citizen. It took 5 years and many un-inspected, non code, non standard choices to create the cabin they named PassView. It is on a hill and looks out to Active Pass where all the ferry boats go through to get from Victoria to Vancouver

It is a small wooden cabin with a big fireplace, two small bedrooms, one bath and very large windows facing the water. There is a deck the length of the house and trees everywhere. It is nothing that would be in Better Homes and Garden, it is musty and at times cramped but it is enough, and it is forever imbedded in my heart as a place where my soul could rest. The world would change around me, my family would move, I would grow up, but this small cozy cabin, on the hill overlooking the water where ferrys pass, would remain.

As the fourth generation of Medcalf’s now visits the house, it has seen better days. Some improvements have been made to the electrical nightmare, the green and brown shag carpet is gone, and the tinted antiquated mirror tiles have been taken down. Still the footsteps of my grandparents can be heard and the voices of the past sing to us through the walls. This is my home, my island, my treasure. This is a gift I can give to my children and hopefully their children. This cabin, my grandfathers vision, my grandmothers refuge and a legacy of love.


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Your pictures and comments capture is place with 100% accuracy. It made me cry. I was the only one here for the complete evalution of this place. Darrell was off in the east raising his family and working. Don was in the east doing his thing. I was always here, with time out for Viet Nam and a few stays in the hospital. I helped put up the beams and foundation walls that hold this place up. I helped with the monster wood buring stove that kept this place warm long before the fireplace was installed. I was there to help Mom and Dad through all the early times. I say this not to lessen Darrell’s or Don’s contrubitions but to explain how this place is deeply planted in my soul like no one else. Darrell has taken this place, in the years since Mom and Dad’s passing, and made it more and better. He is very much responsible for it’s very existance and I know that he is rooted to this place as well.

Comment by Ron Medcalf

The Medcalf name is part of Mayne Island history. The bench at Dinner Bay and the “house’, The Medcalf house. If there is one place on this planet that we can call home it is the house on Maple Drive, Passview,….the Medcalf house.

Comment by Ron Medcalf

love you , love this

Comment by Kari

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