Happy Birthday Gus, Gus
September 29, 2011, 6:00 am
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Happy Birthday Gus! It is our Golden Retrievers first birthday today! We have had him for seven months and it has flown by. In that time he has become my 5th child, and has bonded with me like no other dog before. Gus also has a very unique relationship with each person in the family. He is a joy to have and I hope will be a part of our family for a long time to come.

With Isaac he is wild. Isaac will play chase, and tag, and wrestle with Gus until they both are worn out lying on the floor. He dances with Isaac, and Gus will let Isaac pick him up in his arms like a baby. The two of them match in their skinny, tall frames and always ready to play attitudes.

John is who Gus will be the most mellow around. He senses John’s moods(well I mean mood) and rubs up against him. If John is on the floor, Gus is on top of him, not trying to play, just to get as close as possible as if by being by him he feels more secure. John acts pretty aloof to Gus but I catch him often petting and talking to Gus with more words and animation than he has for most others in his family.

Christian and Gus are foodies together. He will find Christian whenever he is eating and somehow manage to get a bit. Christian taught Gus to gently take food from his mouth and to nuzzle in to your face with a soft touch. Gus will get wild and play with Christian, and often both do not know when to quit.

Gus and Jessie have a pretty strong love relationship going. It is Jessie who gives him baths, takes him on runs with her, and has emotionally bonded with him from the beginning. He gets so excited to see her and his whole body just wiggles and shakes as he circles through her legs again and again. She is the one he wants to cuddle with on her bed, or on the floor or just share in her excitement of life.

Scotty and Gus took a little longer to bond and the relationship is still developing. They both love me passionately so they share that in common. Scott trains him the most and Gus is very eager to please. His joy when Scott comes home after being gone, almost equals mine and I know they are bonding more everyday. There is however a slight jealousy going between the two of them as well. I am a lucky woman!


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Ahh! you made me feel like getting another! Gorgeous GR you got there!

Comment by pohweeboon

thanks! Golden’s are the best

Comment by Kari

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