Breast Awareness

You would think, that I would know by now, that my life is chaotic. I did name my blog Kari’s Khaos for a reason. This week has been a case in point and I am not sure I like living into my name. Monday’s Open house led to Tuesday’s folly and then Wednesday we had thirty girls soccer players over for a pasta feed. Thursday found me up at 6:00am making sure I was cleaned up and ready for an at home video conference call with John, his vision specialist from the high school, and the director of Vision Services for the state of Oregon, in my kitchen with a vision tech. company in Chicago.

Thursday afternoon was filled with Jessie’s soccer game at a local high school, staying for the first half. Then driving to Christian’s football game a half hour away to see the second and third quarters. I then jumped back in the car to get to the final plays of John’s football game which was at home. Throughout the day I was on the phone and texting with my sister who is dealing with yet another crisis with my other sister.

Tomorrow is a golf tournament fundraiser for the Bend High Basketball team and I am in charge of the silent auction. The basketball coach, though a lovely man and good coach is not very organized or one to plan too far ahead. This left me with a 7am meeting with him this morning, so I can be sure to have everything together by 8am tomorrow. Scotty, who has not had that many hours working had close to forty this week and so it goes.

Isaac and Christian have kept me laughing and that is my motto after all; Laugh to Survive. October is upon us, and it is breast cancer awareness month. September was Prostate cancer awareness month. Last October, when the pro football teams were wearing their pink socks and uniforms to support the breast cancer cause I walked into our family room where Christian was watching football. I asked him why they were wearing pink and Christian instantly replies “It is Breast Awareness month, mom!” I burst into laughter. Really? Its Breast Awareness month? I think you might be missing a word, honey. “What? What did I say?” he asks bewildered. So now whenever I see anything to do with breast cancer I giggle and think of Christian.

At a Football game last week the school and team all wore light blue shirts and uniforms to raise money and support for prostate cancer. With four boys in my home you can imaging the comments that were going around. Seriously, what is it with men and their jokes about their penis? I was looking for some images for my post and Isaac was looking over my shoulder. We found this one:

Isaac then decided this was so funny he had to put it on his Facebook. I guess whatever works to help save lives for both causes is okay with me. My grandmother died from breast cancer, and my dad is fighting prostate cancer so I do not take either of these lightly. Sometimes in the middle of life and all its craziness and problems, laughter really is the best medicine

Laughter is good, chaos will be controlled and Breast awareness will happen.


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LOL. My son’s really into breast awareness too 🙂 And I laughed at your comments about the coach. ‘Tis true, ’tis true.

Comment by Barb Stoefen

Thanks Barb, this is now a family joke. Thanks again for your donation!

Comment by Kari

Your blog is refreshing. What a treasure you and your family are.

Comment by Jane

Thanks Jane! So glad to share our lives!

Comment by Kari

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