A typical Night

8:00pm and dinner is done, the kitchen is clean and I sit down to write my blog for the next morning. I have tried to be consistent, but crazy days have taken over and my goal of having it out by 6:00 am every morning has gone a wry. The kids are all working on homework, so I grab my glass of red wine and begin to write. It is dark earlier now so I have turned off most of the lights and have a soft glow from the computer and a light in the dining room that calms my soul. I can hear the hum of the dishwasher going, Jessie’s country music faintly coming down the stairs from her room and the laughter of the boys as they talk about who knows what.

I get the opening lines written and Jessie comes down the stairs turns on the fluorescent light and asks for my help. “Mom, can you please help me with my outline for my paper?” Sure, just let me finish this sentence. We go to the dining room table and she hashes it out. I am not sure she really needed me except for the company but I am an out loud processor my self, so I enjoy listening to her. It is an essay about her playing football in 8th grade and how it was a time she felt different or out-of-place. We laugh together as we remember some of the funny things that happened that Season.

While she is working on her outline, Isaac comes in and asks if I know where his Ipod is. He has not been feeling well the last couple of days and his brain is muddled. He loses things when his brain is not muddled so this question comes as no surprise. I take a gulp of the wine as he searches through my stuff, looking for his Ipod. I tell Isaac to grab my Ipad to use, hoping he will leave us alone. “Thanks Mom, I just need to download this one song cause its been playing in my head all day.” Wait, I say too late, as he takes over the computer and my writing is lost.

9:00pm and I am back at the computer, re-writing my blog and sipping my wine. I get through the opening paragraph and out comes Christian. “Mom, can you help me with this paper I am writing. I just don’t want to sound dorky.” Sure Christian, just let me save this on the computer and I will be with you. We sit at the kitchen counter and walk through his paper about who he is, his favorite things to do, and where his name comes from. He struggles a bit with what he is willing to reveal and decides he can say “I can not ask the person who named me, why they gave me my name, because they live on the other side of the world.” It was important to him that he not call his birth mom ‘mom’ because “you are my mom!”

I decide that writing my blog is not going to happen. I save my work, finish my wine and go to say goodnight to the boys. John is jammin’ with his headphones, and a copy of something that he holds up close to his right eye and reads slowly. Christian assures me he has his paper under control and that he will type it tonight. Isaac is in bed, and calls me and Gus in to go over tomorrows events (which we did at dinner and again when he was looking for his Ipod), and to make sure I know that he is going to be watching his recorded TV show after school. A quick stop in Jessie’s room for a final goodnight and I head to bed.

Wine, kids, a good husband. I am learning to allow my self the grace of enjoying these small moments of time. My blog can be a bit late. I have a family to raise.


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