Saturday Bed Time Story: Sing me to sleep Momma
October 8, 2011, 10:15 pm
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Saturday Story Time: Sing me to sleep Momma

From as far back as my memory will take me I remember my mother singing to me at bedtime. My sister and I would be tucked into bed and she would sit first on hers and sing a song, then on mine and then one last one at the door. I loved those songs. We would sing on long car rides, we would sing on short trips to the store, but my fondest moments were when she would sing to us at night.

My mom has a lovely singing voice, but it would not have mattered if she stunk, because the very sound of her voice, and her tones made the music magic. She sang the oldies like “Down in the Valley” and the “Red River Valley”, “I’ve been working on the railroad” and “Froggy went a courtin”. She would always end with a song about an Owl and a Coo-Coo bird, that was soft and comforting and beautiful. I loved closing my eyes and drifting as her voice faded and the door was closed.

My dad was more of the story teller. He would sit in between out two beds and tell a made up story from his imagination. It usually involved squirrels for some reason and he would draw it out as he was thinking with a long aaaaaaaannnnd then. The baritone of his voice would reverberate in my ears and body, leaving me with a peaceful hum throughout my body. He knew two songs and they were both very funny. One about a mouse getting drunk off the beer that was spilled on the bar room floor, and another about a cowboy with only two hairs on his chest. I can remember begging for these songs anytime we thought he might be in the right mood.

I sang to my children as well. I sang these same songs and added a few of my own. I sang to them at nap, and bedtime and to soothe them when they were sick. I sang and remembered my mom singing to me. I sang to them and to comfort and connect me with my parents who did not live very near by. I sang for the joy of singing and the closeness it would bring to us in those quiet moments on the threshold of dreams. They too would request me to sing the owl song last, and to repeat it just one more time.

I married a man who can sing and play the guitar. Scott’s voice just brings peace and a harmony to your soul like no other. Our kids are very blessed to have a dad who sang to them. He would get out his guitar and we would sing “Down by the Bay” and other silly songs while the four kids would dance and laugh and try to out do each other. He would always end with “Jesus Loves you” and had a way of making each the kids think he was singing it just to them.

I take care of two little girls during the week and I sing them to sleep at nap time. They ask for the train song and “You are my sunshine” and I always sing the owl song last as I close the door. There is a rhythm to life, an ebb and flow to this crazy world we live in. Sometimes when I can not get to sleep, because my mind will not settle down from the clamoring of the worries of the day, I sing the owl song soft, and slow, and sweet, and I remember my mother singing to me, and my dad singing to me. I remember holding my babies and singing them to sleep, and I hear Scott’s guitar in my mind, and soon, I am sleeping too.


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Love it!

Comment by Barb Stoefen

me too, one of my favorites to write and re-read so far!

Comment by Kari

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