Whimsical Wednesday: Mayne Island part 3; The Dock

Whimsical Wednesday: Mayne Island part 3; The Dock

Isaac, you go first. No you. I’ll go after you I promise. Let me test the water. Do you see any fish? Jellyfish? Seals? Do seals eat humans? I’m cold, you go first. I always go first, you go this year. Hold my towel and have it ready when I climb out. Jessie, you go! I am not going to stay here all afternoon while you figure out if you are going to go or not, just go. Mom, are you gonna go? Is anyone watching? Eew yuk, is that seaweed?
Every year the scenario repeats itself, add or subtract an extra friend or parent ,and you have our annual jump off the end of the dock on Mayne Island tradition. This dock in Miners Bay is considered the center of “town”.

The ferry boats go by every half hour often meeting in the middle of the pass where we have a perfect view from the oldest and my personal favorite resturaunt, The Springwater Lodge. Established in 1892 the Springwater Lodge is the oldest continuously operated hotel in British Columbia. During the Fraser River and the Caribou gold rush, the lodge was a favorite stopover for miners. Conveniently located at the head of the Government Wharf, the original owner began offering rooms for lodgers in 1895 and so the lodge became the legend it is today.  The deck is a perfect place for a sunset dinner which our family does every year for my birthday. The Fish and Chips are perfectly greasy, crisp and my dad’s ideal dinner.

Our family history with the wharf goes back into the early seventies when my grandfather was the “Wharfinger”. Grandpa Jerry was hired to be the man in charge of the dock. He collected fee’s for boaters who would overnight, made sure maintenance was kept up and of course had long conversations with any one who would want to talk. My best memories are of him on the dock with his tweed cap, over silver hair, smoking his pipe, slowly walking down the dock, his sharp blue eyes taking in everything. He would let us come to “help” him and gave his grand daughters their first fishing lessons.

The stories are many, the memories precious, the dock will always be a highlight of our time on the island.

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