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October 13, 2011, 8:58 am
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There are moments in my life that I wish somehow I could put into slow motion, capture the feeling in a jar and be able to open it up again and again and re-live. People are always telling you that time goes by so fast and to savor the moment, to really live in the day. ‘People’ are right, but how?

In the last two weeks I have watched my son Isaac turn seventeen and ask a girl to homecoming for his first time in a creative, fun way. I have been honored to help create a fun proposal for my freshman daughter Jessie, to go to homecoming with a young man I like and admire. I have had the opportunity to see my son Christian run for a total of six touchdowns, in two games, and witness his maturity as he would hand the ball to the official and thank his offensive line. John, who hates change and disruption to his life in any way shape or form, has changed classes and balanced a very tough work load with an attitude I can only be amazed at.

The leaves change color, the air turns colder and life continues to move. I make dinner after dinner, run errands, transport kids and their stuff from place to place, and try to manage this chaotic life we have chosen. As I drink my coffee this morning, I take the time to breathe, to remember, and to thank God for each precious memory.

Life certainly happens, and I can not slow it down, nor stop my kids from growing up. I can take pictures, be present in the moment. I will choose to store these special times in a jar, the shape of my heart to be opened again and again. I will live today, and ask you to remind me of this tomorrow.


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Ah, Kari — these times are indeed the best and your writing took me back to my own joys about the kids’ homecomings and sporting events. Have a blast.

Comment by Barb Stoefen

Barb, it is so fun to share this journey with you and to hear your stories and memories as well. I am so glad we are friends and that you take the time to read and comment on my blog.

Comment by Kari

You are so lucky to be aware of the moments that your sharing and living. I fear I did not put so many of these kinds of moments in my basket as you are. I kinda put it down as being so involved in all my health issues over those years but that may just be a cop out on my part. I hope I have improved and am now trying to do better as regards the grandchildren and my daughters as well. This blog of yours is doing as much for me as it might bw doing for your other readers. Thanks

Comment by Ron Medcalf

Your words of affirmation and thoughts on my blog are a huge encouragement to me. I am honored that it touches or helps you in any way. Love you

Comment by Kari

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