Managing Monday’s: Electronics VS the World part 3; High school

The battle continues as I write this blog. Everything we have done to try to ensure their minds have been nourished and not too media centered is gone. We try to have boundaries with TV, games, movies, phones, computer, texting and more but I think we lose the fight more often than not. We still have no TV nights, gaming is only allowed on the weekend and no school days. Yet it feels like we are in a constant discussion around who has the phone, the computer time, the remote and more.

Maybe I am just so tired of fighting this battle with four kids over and over that I have given up, in and out. If they can’t make their own decisions of balance by now my problems are worse than just this electronic battle. I give in more easily than I would like but my hopes are still the same. Our kids will know that too much non human to human interaction leads to socially inept adults with attention problems and obesity in body, mind and spirit. That should be concrete enough even for a teenager!


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