Happy Birthday John

Whimsical Wednesday: John is 16

I am taking a break from my Mayne Island tour this week because it is my son John’s sixteenth birthday.

I have not had the joy of celebrating all sixteen birthdays with my son John. I do not know the exact time or truly what day he was born. I did not get the opportunity to see his first steps or hear his first word. I share his motherhood with a woman across the world in the country of Liberia. Ma Esther who gave my son life twice, once when he was born and the second time when she chose to give him up for adoption. John was 5 when he came to be a part of our family. This is our 11th birthday celebration with him.

This birthday is especially significant because of the number. Most kids can not wait till their sixteenth birthday because they will be able to drive. John, because of his visual impairment will not be driving. I have feared and grieved this birthday from the moment I heard the words ‘legally blind’. In a world where fitting in is so important this adds to his differences with yet another blow.

If I could give him any birthday present this year it would be for his vision to be restored. This is not an option. This is not how the world works. This day is not about what can not happen but what has! John is alive, he is an incredible young man and everyday he reminds me how blessed I am.

John will have a great birthday. He will play football, he will get his favorite dinner and dessert. John is a survivor in every good sense of the word there is. He is smart, talented, funny and an inspiration to all who know him. John or JJ as he is now known at school, is a gift from God. I am so proud of him and so honored to call him my son.

Happy Birthday John!


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Please call 503 251 6266 ext 15000
Love my john

Comment by Anonymous

John is indeed a blessing. Happy Birthday!!

Comment by Barb Stoefen

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