Saturday Story Time: Dreams do come true

This is by far the latest I have blogged. I am tired and elated and very content. I feel like a cat sitting by a fire warm, satisfied and a bit self inflated. One of my dreams came true today. Three out of four of my kids went to their high school homecoming and it was a huge success. They are growing up before my eyes and they are good kids.

When Scott was a youth pastor we would often host dinners for our students before a big dance. My dream was to create an environment at our own home, so when our kids were teenagers, our kids and their friends, would want to hang out at our house. In our years of ministry we realized that there was one house that usually collected the most kids. We bought our house and designed our home with this mission clearly before us.

I love to have people over and have always loved to host parties and get togethers at our house. We want people to feel comfortable and loved from the moment they walk in. Laughter fills our halls and care is put into every meal, event or hangout we have. Tonight was a small culmination of a dream for me. We hosted a pre-homecoming dinner party for Jessie and her friends. Isaac and his buddies were going out to dinner and wanted to bring friends back after the dance.

The day was crazy and stressful and so fun. I enjoyed every second of it. Doing Jessie’s makeup and having girls over to get ready. Isaac finding the right tie and shirt and wondering if his shoes would be okay. Christian wanting to go, but afraid to, and then finally giving in and going stag. It really was a perfect night and I am feeling very blessed and very proud of my beautiful daughter and handsome sons. John was happy to be home and watch college football, never wavering in his lack of interest to go.

All three had very different experiences. All three are glad they went. All three mentioned how they love that our house is where people want to hang out. I have extra food, a dirty kitchen, a tired husband, and a late blog. Dreams really do come true.


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The kids all looked great! Glad they had a good time. :0)

Comment by Cathy Walther

Thanks Cathy, I appreciate your friendship and know that your daughter would have been here too. Love to all of you!

Comment by Kari

Aw, and I was one of those high schoolers at your house before homecoming…13 years ago! And Jessie was barely a toddler! Very fun to see HER in a beautiful homecoming dress too 🙂

Comment by Melissa

I know!! How cool is that! Seriously some of my favorite moments of all!! love you

Comment by Kari

So fun! This is just one way you guys are such an inspiration to us – i hope we can have that kind of home for our kids too when they’re older! 🙂

Comment by Nicole

Nicole, thanks for the props, you will create the home that the kids want to be at because you have already made the decision. Keep up the great job! love you and your family

Comment by Kari

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