Sunday’s Blessing: Well Done!
October 23, 2011, 1:45 pm
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Sunday’s blessing comes from “A Book of Everyday Prayers” by William Barklay. It is a small book with a copy right of 1959. It has a morning and evening prayer for every day of the month. The twenty-third day has the following as the morning prayer. It spoke to me as I am realizing more and more how fast time goes by. My time here is short. My life is meaningful only in how I have loved another person. May you be loved and blessed and find ways to bless others today.

In the Morning

O God, our father, help us this day to work faithfully and to work well.

Grant that we may put off until tomorrow no task which should be done today.
Grant that we may not do with a grudge that which should be done with a smile.
Grant that we may never be content to render to anyone else that which is less than our best.

Help us all through this day to be as kind to others as we would have them be with us.
Help us to be honest, never to be guilty of any mean action or any sharp practice, and never to seek an unfair advantage over others.

Help us all through this day to work in such a way that when evening comes we shall hear Thee say: “Well done!”

Hear this our prayer for Thy love’s sake.


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