Managing Mondays: Controlling Cup Consumption in the kitchen

Managing Mondays: Controlling cup consumption in the kitchen

Seriously? The top of the dish washer is full again? Where do all these cups and glasses and half drunk water bottle containers come from? With a family of four kids and an anal retentive husband, drinking cups could have easily been the demise of our family. I know this seems trivial and of course in the grand scheme of life and death it is, but in the dailiness of our existence some order needed to be established.

Enter the cup color command. Thank God for plastic, and the rainbow of colors that it comes in. From sippy cups to forty-four ounce tumblers the choices are endless. Scott and I quickly made an executive decision you get one cup for the week. Pick your color, remember your color, use only your color. In the beginning when they were younger we would post the color they had chosen on the cup cupboard door to gently remind them of their choice for the week.

All the cups were the same. The same size, same shape, same plastic, so there was no chance there would be complaints over a ‘certain’ cup. When friends came over, no matter how long, or short the stay, they would be assigned a cup color. This did eliminate much of the clamoring and commotion of our cup calamity.

As the kids continued to grow in body mind and drinking capacity, it became clear they were creeping into a state of cup complacent carelessness. On my counter would appear six cups when no friends had been by. My clear cup directions had been cast off in the haste and hope that I would chill out on my cup cop calling. No such luck, the cup law is clear. I calmly inquire of my children what cup they have chosen. If they use words like ‘can’t recall’ or ‘cut me a break’ or sometimes even curse under their breath, I smile, pouring on the charm, gently convincing them of their crime and our cup contract.

Cup chaos containment is not for cowards but I rose to the challenge and have conquered constant cup consumption. Cheers!


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