Just Say No to Scary Movies


Isaac and his friend are watching Paranormal Activity 2, then they are off to the theatre to see Paranormal Activity 3 or PA3 as it is referred to by the people in the know.  I love the movies, I love going to the movies, I love watching my favorite ones over and over.  I enjoy being transported to another place and time.  I am one of those people who are so into the movie I feel like I am there.  I get embarrassed for the characters and sink in my chair, hold onto my husband’s hand so tight he loses circulation and will hold my pee for the whole movie long if necessary  so I will not miss a moment.

I do not do scary movies.  I struggle with intense movies or  movies with lots of action.  I am a total movie wimp. I remember when I was in 6th grade and “Jaws” had just come out.  My friends had convinced me to go.  I could not sit at all. For the whole movie, I was up and down and on the floor and in the next person’s seat and out to get popcorn.  It was an old theatre in Pleasantville, NY  called the Roxy.  In the back of the theatre it had  thick maroon colored  velvet  curtains that you needed to go through to get to  the lobby.  I hung out outside of the theatre pacing back and forth.  I was miserable, trying to convince myself that it was not really happening, but the music and the intensity was too much for me.  I finally got the nerve to peek through the curtains at the exact time an eye popped out from the screen.

I was done, never again have I paid for a movie that has horror, or gore, or intense violent action.  My kids tease me and my friends do not take me seriously but I do not do scary movies.  If you want me to go to a movie or watch a movie with you that has violence or a scare factor over most Disney Movies you must first see the movie without me, then we must have a long detailed conversation about the movie and every death, possible scary, or slightly intense moment.  You must be willing to pause the movie for me to ask questions, let me pace, leave the room, ask for the volume to be turned down and risk serious danger to any body part that is within my grasp.

Not very many people sign up for this.  Sometimes Scott forgets and agrees to watch something he has enjoyed that has action and then he remembers why this is not a good idea.  Luckily for me there are lots of movies out there that I can watch, fully engrossed without hurting myself or someone else.  Ya, I am a movie pansy and I am okay with that.


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