Seriously where did this custom come from?
October 31, 2011, 2:34 pm
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Its halloween. As a parent it can be fun, dreadful or somewhere in-between. The time, money and energy spent for a day, or if you are lucky a weekend of frivolity. Where did this strange custom come from? It has also become quite politically loaded. Comments about what candy to give out and if you should even consider giving candy. It is a minefield for you to decide what costume does not offend anyone group or another. If you are “Christian” can you even call it halloween anyway? Does it need to be a Harvest Party with appropriately themed costumes? Seriously, where did this strange custom come from?

I am sure there is a long historical lesson that someone else who really cares will blog about. I however just enjoy the silliness of seeing adults and kids act the same for one night. Everyone can be something different and heck who doesn’t love candy? The world is far to serious most of the time, there are very real issues that we are being challenged by. Go ahead, dress up, ask your neighbor for candy and enjoy being a kid at the best of times. Come by my house and scare me so we can laugh about it later. Seriously where did this custom come from? I don’t know but Happy Halloween



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OMG, I love your costume, that is awesome!

Comment by Melissa

thanks! it was a garage sale find designed for a kid, I just cut the shoulders and neck area way bigger. It was worth the picture for all the facebook comments.

Comment by Kari

Ok, that’s one industrial plunger… 😉

Comment by Jana

yes, and well used by my boys…

Comment by Kari

I love it! What a great costume! I love Halloween. It is nice to be a kid again for a little while. There is a background to the holiday, I believe rooted in Christianity — I have to look it up because I forget. I believe it has to do with “All hallow’s eve” and All Saints Day which is Nov. 1st.

Comment by Anonymous

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