That Figures
November 1, 2011, 10:32 pm
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Procrastination and Teenagers seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly.  As much as I try to instill the plan ahead philosophy my kids and I truly mean all four of them seem to forget how time works.  It keeps going even, and especially when, they are not. This is why when I started to write my blog at 8:00, I am now writing about something completely different at 10:00. Scott has a saying  “frontload so you don’t explode”.  Tonight has been an explosion by Christian.  Isaac and Jessie are just as guilty and John has not escaped although he rarely brings me into his poor choices.

Christian comes out of the study room and asks me if I can help him with this “little project” he needs some construction paper for.  I read over the directions and cringe.  How long have you had this? “Why? it is really not that big of a deal” How long have you had this assignment?  “Well, a couple of weeks” In my head a large gong and siren and firecrackers are going off.  Christian is sensing my tension and is starting to back away, “don’t worry about it mom I got it” he mumbles, clearly not understanding why this is turning his normally calm mother who is happy to help with homework into a contorted, scary faced lunatic.

I sigh loudly and try to get control of my obviously clear frustration.  Okay so Christian when a teacher gives you an assignment and it is not due for a couple of weeks it is usually a pretty big deal.  She is giving you lots of time so you can think about it, do it well and not just throw it together the night before.  If it was not a big deal she would not have given it to you so far in advance.  Usually the more time you get to do something the more points it is worth.  “Really?” Now if this was Isaac I would know he was being a sarcastic brat trying to use humor to get out of his predicament. If it was Jessie she would own up to it, apologize over and over and over and then feel guilty and frustrated with herself for allowing this to happen.

Christian, bless his heart, is so earnest, and naive that when he looks at me with those big brown eyes totally confused all my anger rushes out of me and all I want to do is help him.  His sister also comes to the rescue and wants to help. We sit down with him and figure it out together.  I sit to write my blog and Christian says “Is it going to be about procrastination?” Yes, I answer, as I pound the keys. “That figures” he professes as he busily works on his “little project”.  That figures indeed.


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Such a great description of all your kids – I love how well you know each of them and appreciate, enjoy, and find humor in their various approaches to the world… Okay, I guess that just means, “I love that you are a mother.” Scott’s quote is awesome. Are you sure that interview wasn’t in Portland??

Comment by Alissa

Seriously if we have to leave Bend can’t we be closer than Portland and Eugene? Thanks for your support and love and encouragement it means the world to me

Comment by Kari

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