Whimsical Wednesdays: Mayne Island part 5; The Light House
November 2, 2011, 12:10 pm
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Whimsical Wednesdays: Mayne Island part 5; The Light House

The original Active Pass Lighthouse was constructed at Georgina Point on Mayne Island in 1885. The current circular concrete tower was built in 1969.
The lighthouse, also known as the Georgina Point Lighthouse, is viewed by hundreds of people every day from the ferries that run between Tsawwassen on the BC mainland to Swartz Bay (Victoria) on Vancouver Island. But to really experience it, take advantage of the fact that the lighthouse grounds are open to the public.

Georgina Point is the location of a historic lighthouse. Built in 1885, the Georgina Point lighthouse marks the entrance to Active Pass. Orca whales, harbour seals and seabirds can all be seen at Georgina Point

Those are descriptions you will find when looking on-line for this lighthouse. They do not begin to give this place justice. Here on this edge of the island is my oasis. It is where I have shared sunset after sunset with my children. We have watched whales breech and seals fish. It is here that I look for first, when on the ferry, and if I can just see it, my soul finds peace. It is the last image I carry in my heart as we sail back to main land and ‘real’ life.

This lighthouse symbolizes everything good and hopeful and natural. It is a place where I meet with God. This is where my family gathered for a meal after my grandmothers memorial. This is where rain or shine I return to every night of my stay on the island. If I could capture an image that could give you Mayne Island it would be me standing on the cliff next to the light house, watching the sunset. The musical laughter of my kids as they play on the logs, my dog barking as he tried to figure out how to catch a seal and the ferry going by marking the journey with its low horn.

This special spot is where I dream dreams, mourn losses and choose to bring every visitor no matter what. If we are lucky the whales will be passing through and we can see nature in its finest display of variety. Here my kids no matter the age become children again. They chase waves, climb rocks, venture into the imaginary world of pirates and sea princesses. I have picture after picture of them leaping from rock to rock as the tide comes in and they look like they are walking on water.
This is the light house of my soul and the apex of my visits to Mayne Island. This is my gift to you.

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