A vanilla day
November 3, 2011, 2:28 pm
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I seem to have a case of the mollygrubs today. That’s when you just feel kinda blah for no particular reason. There is nothing wrong, no terrible news or crisis just vanilla. Now this is not a bad thing per say, as all of us feel this way sometimes, I am not going into a deep depression. I just usually feel so flavorful that vanilla days tend to take me by surprise.

As a mom of four and a woman of great passion and energy I find it difficult to embrace days like these. I want to fight them and fill them and erase them. I do not really think this is healthy for me, it is just my natural instinct. I believe that my body and mind are incredible masterpieces that communicate to each other in a plethora of ways that I do not begin to understand. I think perhaps, Vanilla days are a way to get me to slow down. It is a way to communicate that my fast pace needs a rest stop.

I am learning(obviously very slowly) that vanilla days are important. If I listen, relax, slow down and quit fighting it, Vanilla is really not all that bad. It is John’s favorite ice cream and that too should be a lesson for me. Mr Mellow, take life as it comes, conquer any obstacle loves vanilla ice cream. I can certainly handle a vanilla day every once in a while… a long while.


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Chocolate syrup makes any vanilla better.

Comment by becomingcliche

true that!

Comment by Kari

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