Change, Taxes, and Death
November 4, 2011, 5:55 pm
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Change they say, is the only constant in this world. The two sure things in life are paying taxes and death. Our family is about to enter a new stage of our lives that involves all three of those certainties. My amazing, wonderful, talented and brave husband has a new job. After going back to school, sacrificing time with his family, challenging himself to a new career and driving many, many miles Scott was offered a job at Sacred Heart Hospital. Over 40 others interviewed for this position and in the economy and job market of these difficult times, they chose the best. They chose my husband.

He will be the chaplain for the intensive care unit of this hospital. Scott will be dealing with death, grief, intense emotions and high stress. He truly is perfect for the job. It is good to do a job well, it is great to love the job you do and if you are really lucky and blessed the two come together and you find your calling. I believe this is where he should be and if you can not already tell I am so proud of him.

This opportunity brings with it much change. Our lives will be restructured as he will have a job two and half hours and a mountain range away. In our choices to keep our kids in the school and community we have established here in Bend, sacrifices will be made. Scott will be working Monday thru Friday and the kids and I will stay in our home. Parenting, household chores, responsibilities, relationships will all have to change and grow and be flexible in order for this to work. It will be difficult, the kids and I will miss him terribly and he will be lonely too. Our vision for staying in the same home until our kids were out of high school is alive it just needs a little tweaking. Life does not always(if ever) work out the way we planned.

We as a family have been very blessed by our governments provision. We have had food on our table and healthcare for our kids because the system was designed to help people for a little while when change is thrust on them and means can no longer meet the needs. We have paid taxes and been blessed to have family and friends help us along the way. Choosing to accept this job, even though it was not “ideal” is another lesson in humility, values and decision-making we hope our kids will learn from.

There you have it, change, taxes at work and dying all in one choice to accept a job. Change is good, it helps us grow. Taxes are good when used to help the down trodden. People dealing with tragedy and loss including death have a new advocate for healing on their team because a hospital made a great choice and hired my husband.


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They did indeed choose the best! I’m so happy for Scott that his hard work, and patience, has been rewarded in such a big way. Such an exciting new frontier for all the Johnson’s and I’m thrilled for you.

Comment by Barb Stoefen

Thanks Barb! Your support and encouragement are precious to us!

Comment by Kari

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