Whimsical Wednesday’s presents: The Oregon Coast
November 9, 2011, 11:21 am
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(picture from pulsar media)

Whimsical Wednesday’s presents: The Oregon Coast

“The cure for everything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea” Isak Dinesen
From the moment I first heard this it has been a favorite quote of mine. I am not sure if it was spending the first eleven years of my life in a small town that was centered around the water, or the sailing trips we would go on in the summer on the Puget Sound, or if because I was a competitive swimmer for most of my childhood but whatever it is, I love the water.

I have a special passion for the Oregon Coast. As a small child we would camp on the coast. Its rocky shores and tumultuous waves, beaches full of agates, shells and sand dollars. It was not until I was older that I went to a tropical beach, with white sand and tourquiose water. It is beautiful for sure, but it does not touch my soul, my essence the way the Oregon Coast does.

My favorite time to go to the coast is winter. It is quiet, not so touristy. It is almost always raining, the ocean is usually angry as it crashes on the beach over and over and over. I bundle up and take long quiet walks, with or with out company. I come to terms with my mortality and savor the life I have been given. The cold sea spray whips across my face, the only sound I hear is the constant thundering of the waves pounding against each other and shore line. I am humbled and in awe of its power.
I got engaged on this Coast, my husband also feels the calling of this special place. He proposed at Proposal Rock Beach on a unusually clear night in March. We spent a week of our honeymoon on these beaches, walking and talking and cuddling by a fire as we continued to watch the waves in their endless quest. I bring my children here, I warn them of sneaker waves and the cold water. They do not heed my call and many times I have been soaked to the bone saving one of the four from being eaten by the hungry water.

Some people are drawn to the mountains, others the desert, and many to the tropics where margaritas and palm trees are the norm. I like all those, and I will gladly go but give me the Oregon Coast on a quiet winter day. Let me take a long walk on the almost deserted beach in my warmest clothes after having had a lunch of clam chowder from MO’s. Allow me the gift of a room with a view of the ocean and the sound of the waves as I go to sleep. This is paradise, this is my Oregon Coast.


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Before youth group, young life, and a string of amazing mentors, I met The Creator on a secluded beach on the Oregon Coast.

I come to the sea to breathe…

Comment by Alissa

Yes mam, that is the best story of all! Thanks for sharing and for being a part of our lives!

Comment by Kari

I am very glad you rushed to save me after a sneaker wave attackes me. Its a good thing you did it because Dad was too busy 🙂 Love you Mom.

Comment by Jessica

oh jessie girl I would swim across the whole ocean for you! You are my favorite daughter and I am so proud of you!

Comment by Kari

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