Saturday Story Time: Who doesn’t love a good pee story?
November 12, 2011, 6:10 pm
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Saturday Story time: Who doesn’t love a good pee story?

Three days of being poked and prodded. Three days of answering questions, trying to communicate and getting used to a new family, a new country and a new life. John and Christian were getting tired of being the center of attention. The newness of the everything was beginning to wear off. Doctors visits, shots, pictures, and blood being drawn from skinny arms that do not want to give up the blood the nurses are asking for. Tears and yelps and eyes that begged you to stop the torture of this quest to help them be healthy. John was diagnosed with pneumonia, ear infections in both ears, malaria, and worms. He would not swallow pills or oral medicine and was showing an anger at this world that had shown him little mercy.

We had all been staying at Johnson’s house since our arrival from Liberia. Isaac and Jessie had been living with Scott’s parents while we were in Africa. As this was prior to 911 and all the security changes at the airport, my parents and about 40 friends and family had met us at the gate in Portland when we arrived. MaryEllen and Gale graciously opened their home as a home base for all of us including my parents. We had designed this time to see doctors, bond together as a family, and rest before we drove back to California to begin our new life together.

It was time for a break, and time for my parents to go back home. We decided to go to the Portland Zoo. My parents would drive separately from us, go to the zoo with us, and then head home from there. It is about an hours drive from Scott’s parents to the zoo. My husband is notorious for his small bladder and had consumed a diet coke on the ride. I was at the beginning of my menstrual cycle and needed to get to the bathroom quickly after we arrived. My parents bravely took the four kids to the closest exhibit as Scott and I ran to the bathroom.

While I was washing my hands, I glanced at the mirror and saw my mom come in to the facility shaking her head and laughing. “Well Kari, you do not have to worry about taking John to the bathroom” Really? I did not even think that would be a problem, I do n’t have a change of clothes, shit, really? My mom giggles and says “Oh do not worry, you don’t need a change of clothes. John took care of himself.” What does that mean? “Let’s just say that he and the Mt goats have bonded in a way most kids will not.”. What???

The story goes that my parents walked the kids to the Mt goat display. Jessie, Christian, and Isaac were racing to find the animals and John walked right up to the fence, dropped his pants and peed into the exhibit. By the time my parents figured out what was happening, it was too late to do anything but shake their heads. Scott came out of the bathroom in time to see John pulling up his pants and turning to find his siblings. “Who’s kid is that?” He loudly asks my dad with a huge grin. John totally oblivious to any improper behavior, turns to his new dad and points to the mt. goat laughing as it is peeing in the creek. Ya who doesn’t like a good pee story?



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