Poor Me
November 15, 2011, 8:27 pm
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She was crying on the sidelines again. The drama as the basketball game went on was more off the court than on. It was a familiar sight, two girls taking the spotlight, not with their skill on the court but their antics and attitude. I often forget how lucky I am to have a daughter that is relatively drama free. Jessie has never been one to play the girl games. When we had the soccer team over for the over-nighter and I commented to my friends about how wild it was, they were like “What did you expect?” I thought about it, and said well, twelve Jessie’s I guess. That brought some real laughs, rolling eyes and sarcastic comments about me being spoiled.

It is true, I am spoiled by the lack of girl theatrics and over reacting, boy craziness many parents are faced with. I am sure having three older brothers picking on her and having no tolerance for her tears or silliness might have something to do with it. Perhaps it is because her mother covers the drama area with my loud laugh and clown back-round. The competition for attention and skills in athletics has always out weighed any thoughts of not breaking a nail or ruining her hair. It could be, Jessie has so much of her dad in her, and is the peacemaker, lover of all, who does not want to upset the apple cart.

Whatever the circumstances, I am blessed with an amazing daughter who has for the most part avoided much of the usual girl gossip, catty fighting and boy juggling crap so many girls get lost in. What I do have is a overachieving, nice girl who is struggling with why the other girls get rewarded for their bad behavior. The cocky, beautiful, obnoxious, talented but so aware of themselves girls that seem to get all the breaks. You know the ones who are popular, but snotty. Time has not changed this age-old scene, but knowing it, does not make it any easier to deal with.

Life is not fair, and nothing makes this more obvious than high school. I of course want to take these girls out. I want to bring the house down on them and tell the coaches that these girls are bad news. I want to pull their hair and when they talk I want a little bubble over their heads that show everyone what they are thinking. This is why I hated high school. I could never play the games, be nice to the right people or keep my big mouth shut.

What I say to my daughter is, you go out there and play hard, you give your best and be a team player. Give 100% all the time and your game will speak way more than your words. Be the leader that you are, and when you get home come to me and bitch all you want. Being the great mother that I am I offer to make a dart board with the girls #’s that we can throw darts at. Jessie just laughs and gives me the “mom you are such a dork look.” She holds her head up and chooses the high road.

I however plot evil deeds in my mind of ways to make these girls really have something to cry about. I guess that is the turmoil of being a mother of a great kid. Poor me.


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It probably doesn’t hurt that she is so fab that many of your friends have now also laid claim to her as theirs so maybe all the love helps deflect the bullshit others like to splatter. Love her myself!

Comment by Leah Paige-Schneider

Thanks Leah! You made her night!

Comment by Kari

Agree!! I also feel blessed that we have avoided the boy/girl drama. I love that Alexis is self assured and confident.

Comment by Cathy Walther

Seriously Cathy we are so blessed! It is good to realize when they annoy us in other ways. Thanks again for reading my blog!

Comment by Kari

Jessie truly is one of a kind! She has the healthy self esteem we all want for our girls, but most of all a kind and loving heart.

Comment by Barb Stoefen

you are too kind and when I shared this with Jessie she just lit up! Thanks for your support and continued friendship!

Comment by Kari

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