Thank you Bubba
November 18, 2011, 10:00 pm
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There are very few people who make my son John smile. He rarely shows emotion and he tends to lean toward the negative side. His uncle Scott or Bubba as he is affectionately known, brings a smile to Johns face just by walking in the door. It is a joy to have my sister and her husband living on the West Coast again after ten long years on the East Coast. They called this morning asked what we were doing for the weekend and could they come visit. My whole family gave a resounding ‘YES’.

Bubba is the King of Sarcasm and dry humor. He is the yin to my sisters yang. It has been an interesting and wonderful relationship to be a part of for twenty years. Kathi is the epitome of Frenzy and Bubba is the epitome of Relax. They have somehow managed to blend, survive, and thrive in their marriage. It is a wonderful display of how love truly conquers all.

Bubba as he name implies, is a man of stature. He is six feet four, stout(unlike my skinny son) and a great lover of beer. He has an amazing sense of timing, and is never afraid to push the envelope. John and Bubba have a very special bond. I am not sure really how it happened but they really are soul bonded. African boy, large white man, bonded by lack of emotion and humor. Throw in a good football conversation and they are inseparable. John has been to Maine to visit Kathi and Bubba twice, and has for ten years worn a Maine hooded sweatshirt daily until it wore out and they sent him another one.

Scott and John have the same sense of humor, the same sense of timing, and the same non-emotional approach to life. The standard joke has been to send John to Bubba and put them into a room together to emote. It has at times been my saving grace to know that there is someone in this world who understands John. I am sure for John it is a comfort as well(not that he would tell us.)

One of their favorite things to do is answer insignificant, rhetorical, immaterial, questions with a confident totally wrong answer and get you to believe them. This brings great joy to their hearts and laughter to their lips. They can just go off and keep each other laughing for hours. The biggest difference is Bubba loves the cold and John loves the warmth. I think they will meet in San Diego go to a football game, and share a deep conversation about how they feel about life. It is good to have family, it’s better to have family that really understands you. Thank you Bubba


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