Saturday Story Time: My child is a male, black, air-head
November 19, 2011, 11:46 pm
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We are on our way home from BestBuy after buying Christian the Ipad he has been coveting and saving for. He is talking about how excited he is and then he asks “Does this come with a charger?” No I say, he is quiet for a moment, “Oh okay I’ll just use the one I have for my iPod.” My sister Kathi incredulously tells Christian that they all come with chargers. We walk in the door and our husbands are headed out to grab a bite to eat. Of course Christian hears food and his ears grow about three sizes. “Food?” he asks. Yea, my husband says, wanna come? Jessie has a friend over and they are upstairs giggling. Kathi and I say get some for the four girls too. Christian looks at me and says “There are four girls up there??” Just when I think he must be pulling my leg, I look at him and his sweet innocent face and know that it is going to be a long night.

Did you know the word gullible is not in the dictionary? “What? What does gullible mean anyway? really? wait, it’s not in the dictionary?” Christian gives me his confused look, I give him a huge grin. “Mom” he says exasperated “that was a joke right?” he rolls his eyes and gives me another sheepish grin. My Son Christian is a black male airhead. He might be the only one of his species. He carries naive to a whole new level.

Isaac has a field day with him. You really want to feel bad but it is so funny it is hard to not play along. Christian will ask if he can have something that Isaac is having, Isaac will tell him no, mom said only I could. Christian believes him and then later ask me why Isaac always get to have things he can not. Isaac tell Christian that when he gets to high school there is a McDonald’s in the cafeteria. “Really? c’mon Isaac really?” They are watching a movie together and Christian wants to know if the couple on the screen are really married or are they just acting. And so it goes.

I was asking my family to give me more times when Christian had said, believed or asked about something that seemed quite obvious to the rest of us. The answers were that it is such a daily thing we hardly remember specifics anymore. It is true, I am sure that not one day goes by with out everyone in the family who inner-acts with Christian having at least one encounter with his air head tendencies.

He has always had a hard time understanding sarcasm. Christian would be very confused about trying to figure out when you were joking and when you were not. It has led to many long explanations, frustration on both sides and of course more to be sarcastic about. Our extended family thrives on sarcasm. Good or bad it is the most common thread of humor and communication. Christian has gotten better at knowing when it is being used but when he tries to use sarcasm the results are often the opposite of what he thought he was communicating.

Even tonight as he hovers over my shoulder to read what I have to say about him he can not deny it. Christian is gullible, he is unintentionally funny, and he is a black male airhead. He is Christian, although tonight he said he wanted to name his child Quincy Jr., after much laughter and shaking of my head I said okay, goodnight Quincy, I guess you will be QJ from now on. “I don’t get it you are confusing me, I thought my name was Christian, that’s CJ right?”


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