Managing Monday’s: Kitchen Cupboard Avalanche Avoidance
November 21, 2011, 12:09 pm
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Managing Monday’s: Kitchen avalanche avoidance

I open the door to the cupboard that holds our plastics. The one with the cups and bowls and all the containers you accumulate to put the left overs in. I reach for one thing and eight come toppling out. Thinking I am going to beat the system of having to find the lid for a container after I have put stuff in it, I cleverly look for the top before I put the leftover chicken in it. Twenty minutes later I am on the floor in front of the cabinet screaming at the stupid lids and the person who invented them in the first place. I finally find the lid and the container, get up off the floor, go to the counter and my son has eaten the chicken and I do not need the fricking container after all.

Now they are recalling all plastic, you should only microwave in glass, be careful of this, that, and do not over use your plastic water bottle. Add all the plastic cups and water bottles that your kids and you are given at events, races, hospital stays and it can be a plethora of plastic panic.

I try to be an organized person. My kitchen is in constant use so cupboard management becomes vital. The four kids are really good about helping un-load the dishwasher and my husband is the king of clean countertops. Yet it feels like no matter how on top of it I am after about three months I am in a cupboard avalanche danger zone.

I have researched my friends kitchens to see if they have a secret solution to this conundrum, no such luck. I have bought expensive Tupperware in hopes of a less chaotic container mess, to no avail. Now I have ziplock containers and Glad containers and Rubbermaid all mixed together and it forms an eclectic nightmare that is out of control.

I do not have an answer for this. I have tried over and over. I have separated lids and containers, I have stacked the correct containers on the correct lids, I have tried to place only glad containers in other glad containers and it just does not make a difference. Today I will try again, I will put on my big girl panties and try not to swear too loudly. I will pull everything out, I will recycle all containers that do not have matching lids. Water bottles will be given away. Sippy cups from ten years ago will be given away.

I have twenty-eight new containers that have a stacking system and inner locking lids. Plastic will not have power over me and I will be the queen of the cupboard once more.
Well, at least for three months.


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