Whimsical Wednesdays Ixtapa Mexico: part 1; A Man With A Vision Finds Pacifica
November 23, 2011, 9:42 pm
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In 1999 my parents traveled to a new resort in Mexico. They fell in love with the quiet beaches, the non touristy feel and a little fishing village by the name of Zihuatanejo. My dad (who is the most generous man I know) was looking for a place he could bring his children and grandchildren. He had thought about Hawaii but when he was in Ixtapa, he knew in his gut this was the place. My mother and he went on a tour of a time share at a resort known as Pacifica. They bought into the vacation lifestyle, and the rest is as they say, history.

In 2000 my sister Kathi, her husband Scott, Kristi and her six-year-old son Evan, and Scott, Isaac, Jessica and I met my parents for the week of Thanksgiving. It was an amazing trip. It is an incredible place. The next few weeks of Whimsical Wednesdays will be sharing this discovery that my family has been blessed to be a part of every other year for 12 years. It is a place of treasured memories, laughter, sunburn, drinks with umbrella’s and many stories that might not make the blog.

We will begin with the resort my parents picked so many years ago. It is called Pacifica. It sits at the end of a stretch of white sand beach in the town of Ixtapa. Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo area runs along 26 kilometers of hilly tropical coastline with dozens of sandy beaches and scalloped coves.  Sea breezes keep Ixtapa enjoyable year round with an average temperature of  78.8 degrees and the sun shines approximately 340 days a year.Ixtapa is located in the State of Guerrero, Mexico on the Pacific Coast in the area known as the Mexican Rivera, 200 Km north of Acapulco, and is just 15 minute drive from the fishing village of Zihuatanejo.

Pacifica is set into the cliffs with all rooms having a large deck with a hot tub and all facing the ocean. It has all-inclusive options but what my family has done, has been to enjoy the options of exploring out side of the resort itself. It has beautiful rooms, daily maid service complete with towel art and a large kitchen for making your own meals. There are three large pools, two beach side and one on a terrace near our room. They all have incredible wait staff and we have made many friends through the years.

The accommodations are perfect for families and it is very kid friendly. It even has a crocodile feeding daily as well as exotic birds and sea turtles you can view. There are three restaurants, nightly entertainment, and a gondola to take you up and down the side of the cliff to your room.

This is all a tribute to my parents who had a vision for their family. A warm place to gather together, to slow down, to stop the pace of the real world and discover a new culture and country together. It has broadened my kids view of the world, spoiled us incredibly and brought us all closer together with shared experiences that do not just ‘happen’. Thank you Mom and Dad, your investment has dividends richer than anything I think even you dreamed possible.


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I agree Thanks Mom and Dad, Kathi

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