Managing Monday’s: Kids Christmas Display Challenge

Managing Monday’s: Kids Christmas Display Challenge

I love Christmas, I am the kind of person that turns my house completely over for Christmas. Dishes, bedding, pictures, everything! With four kids now in their teenage years, they have made and collected their fair share of Christmas projects and ornaments. My sister Kathi (who is also a Christmas decorating fanatic) has given my kids a personalized ornament every year since they were born, or a part of our family. She also gives us a personalized family ornament with our names and the year. Add to this the school projects and the ornaments Scott and I give our kids every year and it becomes a Christmas display challenge.

In the beginning we would put all the ornaments on the tree, each child wanting to display their collection in the front of the tree of course. This presented the problem of overloading and no room for the special collection Scott and I have collected through the years. I thought about two Christmas trees but the hassle of two full size trees and lights and maintainance was too much for me. In a moment of inspired genius I came up with our solution to this dilemma.

In our living room is the tree, in the family room which is sports themed I created an ornament garland that surrounds the perimeter of the room. We used loopers for making floor rugs on a loom. This year we are going to try rope lighting as the garland and have it lit up as well. Anything strong enough to hold the ornaments that fits with your decor will work. So all the kids ornaments and the family personalized items are hung around the room. The more the merrier and the kids love it!

I have gotten more compliments on this one idea than any other in my Christmas decorating history. It is a fun display, the kids are honored and our tree is not overloaded to the point you can not appreciate any of the decorations individually. The kids can point and remember from year to year the items they have made, been given and collected for their own tree someday. The history and tradition are well worth the extra effort to make this work! Merry Decorating!


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