Whimsical Wednesdays: Ixtapa Mexico part 2; The pools
November 30, 2011, 5:41 pm
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What time do they start serving drinks at the upper pool? What time is water aerobics? Mom can we go down and hang at the pool with our friends before the activities start? Where is dad? We want to throw the ball. I just finished book number three what did you bring? Perfecto, what is the special of the day? Perfect I will take two. These are the beautiful sounds of our family while at the Pacifica resort.

They have a ton of pools but three main ones. Two down by the beach and one we like to think of as ours because it is very close to where our condos are located. It is up from the beach, has a shallow area, a bar, wireless internet, and a view of the beach, golf course and high-rise resorts that line the town. It surrounded by incredible flowers and you can often find huge iguanas snoozing in the sun at the top of the trees. The two larger pool are down by the beach and the main restaurant. One is used primarily for water aerobics, water volley ball, water basketball and the like. It is the hub of the entertainment crew and music is always playing. The other pool is right next to it with a figure eight shape, water that cascades off the sides, three islands in the center with palm trees and all chairs facing the beach.

While my parents love to sit under a hut looking at the beach, 70% of the kids and our time is spent at one of the pools. Reading books, drinking fun drinks, floating or if the boys are around playing dive and catch with anyone who is willing to throw the ball. Scott is by far the most willing to do this for the longest, and much of his time is laughing and joking with the kids as they try to out do each other to catch the ball. “One more dad” is a phrase that seems epitomize the times at the pool.

My sister and I will claim our chairs, read, drink, chat , sleep and flounder in the pool. There is always an attempt at water ballet with mixed results depending on how much we have had to drink. My mom tries to do the water aerobics daily and John and Uncle Bubba sink into the shade of the palm with a book or just to look out at the ocean and para-sailors flying by.

It is the art of doing nothing. It is the gift of being able to read a book from start to finish. It is the musical laughter of my kids as they jump in for the ball, shout smack at each other and thoroughly enjoy being with their dad. It is the rough housing, the shared love of the water and sun and relaxed atmosphere. It is calling up to the person on the deck in the condo for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It is that feeling at the end of the day as the sun sets over the water and the sky is reflected in the pool that it has been a day well spent. It is the memories made by the poolside in Ixtapa!


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I can’t wait until my own kids are old enough to play by the pool without direct supervision! Such great memories and a beautiful setting.

Comment by Alissa

It will happen!

Comment by Kari

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