First day of the Basketball Season
December 2, 2011, 9:09 am
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The alarm went off ten minutes earlier this morning and much louder than normal. I jump out of bed and trip on our dog Gus who is sleeping on my side of the floor on all my discarded pillows and blankets that I shed during the night. I did not sleep well (for no apparent reason) so I am feeling very discombobulated.

It is the first game day of the basketball season. Jessica is traveling to Medford for an away game and overnight while Isaac and Christian’s games are home. Jessie asked that I make her eggs this morning before I took her to school early so she could take a spanish test she would be missing by traveling. Of course if Jessie got eggs, Christian wanted them too. I stumble down the stairs, get out the eggs and drop one on the floor. Swearing I go to put the others on the counter and step in the egg goo I have just created.

For the boys, game day means they have to dress up to go to school. They have to wear a button down shirt, tie, and nice pants. I absolutely love it! Isaac has become quite the fashion guy and has decided this year to go with the bow tie. Christian, who struggles with getting his uniform tucked in and matching socks was not as excited about the prospect. I have been buying dress shirts and ties in anticipation of this and am excited to see what he will choose.

Christian walks out of his bedroom with pants undone, trying to tuck his orange, yellow and grey striped shirt into his trousers with limited success. He has his shoes half on and a basketball tie a tiny bit short hanging from his unbuttoned shirt. Now as a mom I know it is not good to laugh at your child. I know that my opinion means nothing to him as far as fashion goes, and keeping my mouth shut would be the best thing to do. I sincerely try, but the giggles come over me and I can not control them. “What?” he asks? Oh nothing I say as I turn my head so I can wipe the tears streaming down my cheeks.

Isaac comes out and looks sharp but like a total nerd and John slips by to the car trying not to be noticed at all. Isaac knows I will want a picture. We go outside and Christian is grumpy, he still has not buttoned his shirt cuffs, his butt is so large it makes the pleats in his pants poof out but the waist is already too big so I can not get him a different size. I take the picture. Off they go.

I have not been able to stop giggling. I posted the picture on face book and my niece leaves the comment “Good Lord”. I feel like we need to put a sign on his back that says, “I dressed myself, this is not a reflection of my parents taste.” Scott and I look at each other and I am lost in the laughter again. The thing is, Christian will pull it off, he will walk proudly and look handsome and come home prouder than a peacock because he got so many comments. I will spend my day in giggle fits every time I think of him, I guess we both win!


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so sweet

Comment by Kathi

ahh you are a bit biased Kathi but I love it!

Comment by Kari

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