Managing Monday’s: Christmas Communication

Managing Monday’s: Christmas Communication

In a world of high-tech everything, it is easy to lose sight of this time honored tradition. In a pre-Facebook, twitter, e-mail social network time this wonderful tradition began as a special way to keep in touch with family and friends across the world. My mother has been doing Christmas letters since before I was born. That’s close to 50 years of missives. It has been a special time to capture a year in the life of our family. Now that we are older, out of the house and living lives in different parts of the country when we do get together on Christmas I love to pull out the book my mom has kept with all the letters from my growing up years. It is a family history, a time capsule of sorts and my mom has always been very creative with how she would present the letter.

I started a Christmas letter on my own when I was in college and have missed only a couple of years throughout that time. I now have them all stored on the computer as well as hard copies, so I too, can share with my children what life was like when they were growing up. Last year we e-mailed the letter and we probably will do so again this year with the exception of older family members that will open mail but not touch a computer.

My mother, Janet, has done Christmas in July, Valentines day, St Patricks greetings, summer soltice, and I think a Thanksgiving letter that covered two years in one. She is one determined lady and though she may not get it out by Christmas each year friends and family have fun guessing when it will come and always look forward to it. Janet is the best at keeping in touch with family and friends and is the glue that bonds us together. This is a gift, a treasured heritage that I share with her and am so proud to have been given. My mom is an amazing woman who remembers birthdays, anniversaries, deaths and really just about any occasion that is important to you and lo and behold there is a card in the mail from her. I can not tell you how many cards I have gotten from her at just the right time with just the perfect words to make my day.

My only advice is make it real. You do not have a perfect life, your kids are not the greatest at everything, and though we want to hear about your life, we want to know how we are still connected, not how fabulous you are doing compared to the rest of us. Give a glimpse of your life, keep it light hearted and real so that when I read it I feel like you are next to me sharing a cup of tea as we catch up on a year gone by. If you can include a picture because I really want to see what you look like and if you are aging as well as I am.

It may get sent to your five closest friends and your relatives, it may go to more than a hundred people. It does not matter how many you send out, whether you send them by mail, e-mail, or some other way, but write it, remember it, share it. Take the example of my amazing mother, and send love through the written word for others to keep, treasure, re-read and save for years to come. You and the generations after you will be glad you did!


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