December 13, 2011, 9:30 pm
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I saw this picture on Face Book and loved it. My kids came in to look at it and asked me what a ditto was. They understood the concept but did not know the history behind the word. The word ditto comes from a duplication machine that took no electricity to make copies. It does what printers and scanning now do. Its literal definition is to repeat, to copy, the same as. It was made famous in the movie GHOST as the main character would never say the words I love you, he would only respond with “ditto” when his girlfriend would say it to him.

This picture of the house that went all out and the one next to it that says Ditto is kind of how I feel tonight. I woke up with a cold, I have been fighting it all day and we had a Christmas party at our house tonight. It went well, but I am ready for bed and was looking for someone’s blog I could just say ditto to. Sometimes life is like that. There are days when I am the best decorated house on the street and times when it takes all I’ve got to say Ditto. Both are important, both are real and tonight all I got is ditto


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