Whimsical Wednesday: Ixtapa, Mexico part 4; Fishing and Zihuatanejo

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Whimsical Wednesday: Ixtapa, Mexico part 4; Fishing and Zihuatanejo

Throughout the twelve years my family has been going to this special oasis, we have made many friends and gotten to know some of the local people who make our time their so special. My husband Scott, and my sister’s husband Stan love to fish. Stan is a gringos with a mexican soul, and fishing out of the village of Zihuatanejo became his passion. He met up with a young man who rented a boat and took tourists on fishing trips. Stan who speaks little spanish and Santos who speaks little english somehow connected, bonded and became close friends. It is Santos who has taken my family on fishing trips, helped us find the best places to catch and then to have it cooked.

The trips have varied in intensity, time of day and length. We have gone out at the break of dawn and also at sunset. We have seen dolphins, turtles, jellyfish, sun rises and sun sets. We have always come home with some kind of fish, a funny story and a new memory to treasure.

Here is what a tourist sight has to say about what you can fish for:

Mexico’s Pacific Coast has long been famed for fabulous sport fishing, but the mecca for angling adventures is, without a doubt, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.
Fitting the adage “a well-kept  secret”, the dual-destination of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo has been praised by anglers “in the know” and for many decades has been considered as one of the best three places in the world for big game, and fishermen’s success rates rival the highest compared to anywhere else.
Soaring Sailfish weighing up to 175 pounds (average 77 to 100 pounds) are the primary game during most of the year. Also Black Marlin and Blue Marlin that range between 300 and 500 pounds, so be prepared for a good long, long fight.
In the range of other finned combatants are large schools of Yellow-knife Tuna up to 300 pounds and Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) from 5 to 10 miles offshore.

I am not much of a fisherman but I have enjoyed the day on the boat, the beautiful scenery and the excitement of my kids and husband when they have landed a fish of any size. I have seen schools of dolphins, huge sea turtles, and lots of beautiful turquoise water. Stan has just moved to Zihuatanejo full-time and bought a boat to go into business with Santos. The company is called Dos Amigos and you could not find a better captain, more knowledgeable crew or a better bang for your dollar than with these two friends.
Whether we stay at Pacifica or not, my family has a place in Ixtapa Mexico for years to come. It captured my dads interest, all of our hearts and now Stan’s dream. If you get a chance, visit this unique blend of a great resort area full of amenities, with a taste of a local fishing village in the place they call Ixtapa/ Zihuatanejo.


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