My Bobble Hat
December 15, 2011, 10:41 pm
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A few years ago my sister gave me a hat. Now I happen to be a hat person. I love hats, I have lots of hats, ball caps, fancy ones with flowers, winter hats, sun hats, velvet, chenille, big, small, ugly, beautiful, you name it. I even have my grandmothers’s collection of hats from the 40’s that I occasionally get out and wear (much to my family’s horror.) Kathi, my sister, is an amazing shopper. She truly has the gift of finding the just right thing, for the just right person, at just the right time. This hat was no exception, it was an exceptional hat that came into my life when I needed to feel exceptional and have a good laugh.

It is a purple knit beanie with all different colored yarn balls that are tied to strings and it bobbles. I mean, you put the hat on, and you smile because you bobble. You can not, NOT smile when you have this hat on. It also makes other people laugh and smile so it doubles its value. Lila, the little two-year old I take care of has been eyeing this hat for months. It sits on a bench with my other hats in my bedroom and she can see it from the porta-crib she sleeps in. Today was the day she asked to try it on.

It is kind of magic, like the hat in Frosty the snowman because you put this hat on and you get the giggles. You shake your head and feel the balls bouncing, you jump up and down just to feel the funniness of it on your head. Lila did all these things, and the hat is a bit big for her so it comes down over her eyes and we peel into laughter again. She wants to wear it to show her mom and dad. She keeps shaking her head and running and laughing and then falling because it is too big. It is a very special hat.

I love my bobble hat. When I wear it and shake my head, it is as if each ball represents all the different directions I am being pulled in a given day as a mom, wife, taxi, cook, teacher, friend, daughter, lover, dog trainer and whatever else. I can shake my head and the different balls go in different directions making a crazy jumbled feeling on my head.

My life is a lot like my bobble hat. It is crazy, full of bounces, color and attachments I cannot get away from. My bobble hat makes me laugh, it shakes out the stress, the worry, the cobwebs and, lightens the mood. This hat is magic, it reminds me never to take my self, or my commitments too seriously. Life is full of bobbles. Give your head a shake, laugh, jump and juggle because life is short and Bobbles are good.


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I remember when I bought you this hat. It was a crazy store in Rhode Island and I was with Jeanie attending a wedding of a former student. I couldn’t wait to give it to you. Love you Kari

Comment by Kathi

I remember the Bobble hat too-I get a similiar one for my niece. Kathi and I had a great time, and you helped jog my memories.

Comment by Anonymous

You can smile even if you’re taking your own picture ya know. See you tomorrow at some point.
I love your hat!

Comment by Anonymous

it is just supposed to be a funny picture, you can have a funny picture without smiling ya know!

Comment by Kari

“Life is full of bobbles.”

I love that line! 🙂

Comment by Transitioning Mom

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