Managing Mondays: A Day For Me
December 19, 2011, 9:52 pm
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Managing Mondays: A Day For Me

I am a little slap happy right now. I have not had any alcohol, I actually got enough sleep last night and I am not in a tropical paradise with my husband. I am home, my daughter has a cold, my two boys who are home have treated my house like a pig sty, my dog dug a hole in the yard not quite to China but three-quarters of the way into my neighbor’s yard, and I can not stop smiling.

My husband and son John are with my dad in San Diego for John’s big birthday trip. I had a big order for the side food business I run and i made two new recipe’s for the first time. They turned out amazing and my client was thrilled. I got my kitchen cleaned including mopping the floor and had dinner cooking.

I called my girlfriend and she and her daughter met me and my daughter for a pedicure. This is a special thing for me and I only do it like maybe three times in a year. I was due. Jessie and I love to get our toes done and I always want the art. Why in the winter when no-one will see my feet does it make me so giddy to have my feet look pretty? I think because it’s just for me. I see them and smile. I see them and I feel important. I got blue with a sparkly snowflake. Jessie got purple with a sparkly snowflake, our friends got snowflakes too.

We then went out to lunch at a cute little place and had a delicious sandwich. The waiter even touched me on the shoulder when we were leaving. Thanks for coming in. Why would the fact that a good-looking waiter would casually touch me on the shoulder make me feel so special? I think because it was just for me. It was a kind touch from a stranger that made me feel more connected to the outside world. I think it’s because I am a touchy person so when people touch me I feel good.

I came home and turned on all the Christmas lights because I love Christmas! Why do sparkly lights, ornaments and snowmen make me feel so good? I think because i do not need to be entertained to be content. I think because it is a special time of year. I think because I took time for me.

I capped off the perfect day by going to see the MUPPET MOVIE. It is amazing. I grew up watching it, I have always loved them and they make me happy. I wanted to go buy some footed pajamas, bring a carafe of milk and go see it, but my kids do have to live in this town, and then it would have been about them and not me. I settled for going with my same girlfriend that I got my toes done with and three of her kids(strangely none of mine wanted to go).

I laughed and remembered and laughed some more. I sang along and left the theatre dancing down the steps and singing “mmna mna”, and “Why are there so many songs about rainbows”. I came home a little slap happy. A day for me will do that. If I have learned nothing else as a parent you need time for you. It does not have to be a whole day, it does not have to be extravagant, but it needs to be for you. I do not take my advice near often enough but when I do take a day for me, I am a better mom, for them.


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Ohhh Kermie…….
Love it

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