God Bless Us Every One
December 20, 2011, 8:48 pm
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I am so tired of seeing people talk about how saying Happy Holidays is white washing Christmas. I am equally tired of trying to figure out what is politically correct. Is it Winter Vacation? Christmas Break? Can I use Xmas or does it have to be Christmas? If you believe in Santa are you a consumerist jerk? If you tell your kids there is no Santa are you a cynic or an honest mom?

I love Christmas, I love Hanukkah, I love Kwanza, and any other celebration that helps us to give more, love more, sing more and be more friendly. I am sad that it becomes a divided time instead of unifying. I love Jesus, I want my kids to love Jesus but I want them to love with action not words. I want world peace, but I have figured out it is not going to come by me telling you Merry Christmas.

I agree with this picture and my faith and God are big enough to embrace whatever form of love you choose. Give me a smile, a hug, a sincere greeting, whatever form it comes in. Let’s help teach our children that Love is not bound to a particular saying,a particular person, or a particular time of year.

God Bless Us Every One


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Comment by Transitioning Mom

according to my husband the theologian Amen means So Be It and I too agree!

Comment by Kari

Well said!!! and Happy Holidays to all!

Comment by Anonymous

Thanks! Happy Holidays to you too

Comment by Kari

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